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11-15-2011, 09:24 PM

Because I can't start a new thread on the housing sub-forum I had to post here. I'm curious how accurate and current the following lists of apartments in dominica are. Admins move this thread to the sub-forum

Good Places to Live
Pink House
Blanca Apartments
Safari Apt
Pat Carbotte's Aptartment
Jamneesha Villa
Passion fruit Apartment
Chateau De Klens

Bad Places to Live
Kootney Resorts
Margaret Casey
Coco Mango
Jenner Ambur Beach House
De Fritas
New / Old Avies
Mac & Judy
Silver Lining
Jeffery Kelsick
Fortune Apts
Dian John
Thelma McLawrence

NOTE: Avies has mixed reviews. Only thing consistent is the great internet speed

04-24-2012, 06:33 PM
I live at kootney and love it. I won't ever move. I am wondering why it was put on the bad list?

04-24-2012, 07:49 PM
I live at kootney and love it. I won't ever move. I am wondering why it was put on the bad list?

I just summarized from what I read on the forum. A lot of the reviews are fairly outdated but I tried my best to give more importance to the newer one. Unfortunately kootney seems(ed) to have problems with pests

06-01-2012, 07:33 PM
Hi!! Just been accepted to Ross. I heard the housing database opens up July 10th..and I would like to be prepared as I heard housing spots go super duper fast. What do you recommend are the best housing options with regards to Quality (water, space, utilities, bugs), Security (Bars on windows, safe, etc.), and Proximity to Campus (based on bus service and walking distance). Price is not an issue. I heard Aviesville and Passion Fruit are two popular options.

Thanks so much for your help!

06-01-2012, 07:49 PM
Ross University Housing Forum (http://www.valuemd.com/ross-university-housing-forum/)

More like awesomepenia :(

07-21-2012, 06:13 PM
Jamneesha ($685/$695), Cheteau de klens ($750) and A plus ($750) are good apts . The latter two look better than Jamneesha and also have a white board, better kitchen, and blender, if it matters to you.

08-08-2012, 03:58 AM
I've got a great housing suggestion, not very well known I guess cause there's only 2 units. $500, 3 min walk from campus, cable, internet, watern included (everyone in dominica pays for electricity separately). Comfortable Apartments/Peter Samuel (search "comfortable" in the housing database) I'm the only one thats lived here in the last year so you're gonna have to take my word for it on how wonderful it is but the landlady Vincia is amazing and I'm sure she'd be willing to show you around or answer more questions if you'd like to know more before signing a lease...her numbers are 767-295-4946 or 767-617-5527.

I just posted this review in the housing database but I'll re-post here as well:

I've lived here for all 4 semesters now and this apartment is one of the few things I will REALLY miss about Dominica. Its really cozy, well kept, and clean (owner comes in once a week to clean and does a great job). There's only 2 units available for rent, the one pictured there on the top floor and one on the opposite side. I've had the building to myself for most my time here and I love it, its like having your own house. And if you really want neighbors around there's a large apartment building directly in front of this place that charges over 2x what you'd pay here. Vincia, the landlady, is amazing and has been like a 2nd mother to me here on the island, any time I call her with an issue she's resolved it within an hr or 2. The AC works fine, I've never had a power outage (unless I forgot to pay) and the water is almost always hot. Also, the place is a 3 minute walk to the campus gates (2 if you walk fast), and a 1 min walk to Tulips/Tomatos (bar/restaurants). Probably a 15 minute walk to the annex for incoming 1st semesters out there but take my advice and don't live all the way out there...not worth moving again after 1st. Its not as modern as some of the other places but its got a TV, stove, clean furniture, microwave, toaster oven and everything you'd really ever need, and for this location you really cannot beat the price. Its very quiet at night, some construction around the area in the early daytime (but that's everywhere in Picard unless you wanna live kinda farther from campus...and its never really bothered me). Overall, a great cozy place, close to campus, wonderful owner, and well kept by the previous tenant ;) live here and you will not regret it!

08-08-2012, 04:17 AM
One more point, some of those more expensive, larger, more modern places have nice amenities that you probably dont need, but some of the owners suck.

Picard Family Guest House, which is a new place directly in front of mine but charges about $1100-1200 a month. Ive had a friend there get scolded for having food smells blowing out her window when her parents came to visit and were cooking. Also, not problem if you dont smoke (I dont, and yea I know smokings bad for you), but since you can't smoke cigs on the balconies there, you have to walk all the way downstairs and out the gate for a cigarette, and even then a few of my friends got notices from the landlady telling them they cant sit on the stoop in the gutter basically outside the gate because it makes the place "look bad." Two girls I know also got evicted after living there for 1 for having people over too often, though I know theyre good students and dont get very loud, throw parties there or anything along those lines. You really cant LIVE there, unless you're a quiet, friendless loner that like to cook (and DEFINITELY not smoke)

New Avies is another example that comes to mind. They charge about $800 and have a nice new swimming pool, hot tub, keep it clean and whatnot. But I've heard soo many complaints about the staff. At least 2 or 3 of my friends have accidentally broken their flimsy computer chairs (just by sitting in them....no horseplay) and gotten charged over $200 US. Another got yelled at by his cleaning lady for storing another friends clothes for a week in his living room while the other friend was in the process of moving.

Another reason to chose comfortable apartments, with its wonderful landlady vincia :)

**I swear I'm not getting endorsements of any kind for this...its actually 5 am and I have a midterm on thursday I should have been studying for instead of posting all this. I just realized I'm moving in 10 days and wanted to pay back the owner for all the kindness she's shown me while I've been there. And I wanna make sure this unit does not go to waste because its the best deal around.

02-20-2014, 05:09 AM
Hey folks

Can someone please update the list for 2014? I am going to visit there in March, but I would want to know the lay of the apartment landscape so I can make better use of my limited time of scouting the area out. The place I will be staying at for my duration of my visit is at PBH. I look forward to your responses :D

09-26-2014, 11:52 AM
I don't normally bother writing reviews for things, good or bad. But in this instance, I took the time out of my day (I'm currently a third semester at Ross and I should be studying) to make an account for this website and advise all prospective students to AVOID SAFARI APARTMENTS. The landlords are invasive and hostile. They use the maids to spy on you and they get angry if you put a sticky note out saying that you're studying and you don't need cleaning that day. A have a friend with a disability that requires a service animal. They came to visit me, and Maclean (the male landlord) came out of his apartment (because they live on the premises) and began screaming at me and getting in my face in the parking lot of the apartments. He continued to threaten me and told me that I "didn't want to become enemies with him." I no longer felt safe living there and chose to move out at the very beginning of the semester, but they still forced me to pay rent for the entire semester despite the apartment being open and rented to another person. This entire ordeal has been very stressful and I just want to save other medical students the stress that I've had to go through.

Hey folks

Can someone please update the list for 2014? I am going to visit there in March, but I would want to know the lay of the apartment landscape so I can make better use of my limited time of scouting the area out. The place I will be staying at for my duration of my visit is at PBH. I look forward to your responses :D

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