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11-04-2011, 06:34 PM

I am a England resident, and I am doing research on medical school in Ireland.
My questions are.
Seeing as I am a England resident, am I classed as a foreign student or am I classds the same as Irish students?
What are the fees for foreign and local tudents?
Ia there Any kind of student loan I can take? Seeing as the fees can go into the 30,000s qnd more?
What are the general admission requirements?
What are the preferred grades?
How much of a chance would I have with, 3 A levels at grade A (biology,chemistry,physics) and one AS level at grade A (business studies).
4 As at gcse (double science,maths,english) 2 ** (Urdu,religious education) and 3 Csin various subjects and 1 D.
(the gcses are gained but the A levels are targets I am on course to get)
How competitive are Irish medical schools?

Thank you for kindly answering my questions.

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