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09-27-2011, 12:07 PM
I just completed an EM elective here. Overall, I was impressed and very happy with this rotation.

Location - If you have never been to Louisiana, then Baton Rouge will be a good first time experience for you. Located one hour from New Orleans to the east and Lafayette to the west, BR sits on the Mississippi River and has a small, yet fun nightlife. LSU's campus is housed here too, so there is no lack of entertainment. As for the hospital, there are actually two locations. BRG-Mid-City is on the corner of Florida Blvd. and Acadian Thruway, just north of I-10. This is the original hospital built back in the day and although it has undergone renovations over the years, it still has that old hospital feel to it - but I'm biased to this locale (former employer). The "Taj Majal" as it is called, is the newer hospital located on Bluebonnet, east of the city across from the mall of Louisiana. Brand new expanded ER and Cardiovascular tower. Very nice facility with all (mostly) new equipment. The two hospitals differ in the patient population they serve, so you will see a good mix of pathology between the two. You will definitely need a car in Baton Rouge as public transportation is really lacking. I can't tell you where to live, but it is a college town, so craigslist may be your best option. People here are very friendly (unless you're an Ole Miss or Alabama or Auburn fan) - seriously though, we're down to earth good people.

You will work ~18 shifts for the 4 week duration of your rotation, mix of days, evenings, and nights - it all depends on the schedule of the main ER doc you work with (Dr. R). The other shifts you will split between 3-4 other attendings - all of them are board cert in EM and great to work with. The shifts are 10 hours each and you'll have at least 8 hours off between shifts. No call, no beeper, no early morning "rounds" - you don't do that in EM. Thursday mornings are for lecture. So BRG is a community hospital at which EM residents from the LSU Earl K Long, Baton Rouge program rotate through. So Thursday from 8am - 12 noon, you go to the EMRP building at Earl K Long hospital in North Baton Rouge. Good mix of lecture, journal review, didactics, and skills labs. The residents there are really laid back and friendly. More than a handful are Caribbean grads (some from AUC) - check out their website. The faculty staff of the program are there, so you can meet them and let your face be known for future applications. Although you can't officially rotate at "The Earl", you can go check it out with some of the residents if you ask.

Pro's and Con's of rotating here - as you may or may not know, the Emergency Room is not like ER (from NBC back in the day), so you will not be cracking chests daily and floating Swanz-Ganz catheters. But Mid-City is located closer to the action of GSW's and stabbings. There is also a burn center located here, so all burns go here. Most major traumas in the city go to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital down the road (soon to be Level 1 trauma center and future home of the LSU EMRP - been in the works for years, but may finally happen). You will get some minor MVAs, some psychiatric patients, really sick nursing home transfers, OB and Gyn mix, and everything between. The EM residents run the trauma with the attending present. In the recent years, the transformation of the ER brought about some mid-level NPs and PAs to help alleviate some of the congestion. They take most of the minor stuff, but will steal away your I&Ds, some suturing, and other minor procedures. However, just ask (nicely) and you may receive. One more Pro - you get covered parking really close the entrance, free access to the physician's lounge and free breakfast and lunch, fountain drinks, etc... Also 24 hour access to the library.
Best of all, you never feel like you are competing against other students, as there are at most, 2 students on the rotation.

I'm sure there are a few things I haven't touched, but feel free to PM me for any other info.

09-27-2011, 12:56 PM
As a Baton Rouge native and student that completed this rotation 1 month ago I second what he said. Show them your ready to work and you'll be surprisd what they let you do.

10-04-2011, 05:04 PM
You could even come north to Shreveport for your EM elective. We're level one trauma and the acuity is high. I did my fourth yr elective there and they liked me well enough I was taken in the match. Now all I have to do is finish PGY-3! If anyone wants any more info you can pm me.

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