View Full Version : Medicine in Hungary vs Dentistry?

09-24-2011, 05:07 AM
I read about the medical program with the internship years back in the UK at debrecen uni, is this possible? Because if that is the case i would require my MD diploma by the end of my 5th year rather than in my 6th year, and i dont see the university giving up the 6th year of tuition fees for a student to do their foundation years back in the UK? can anyone shed some light on this issue?

Secondly, regarding the dentistry program, which would be easier upon graduation to work as either a dentist or a doctor back in the UK upon finishing my degree?

End of the day that is all that matters, which one am i more likely to get a job with? (personally id rather do medicine, but if there is more of a shortage of dentists, id be more willing to do that instead)

kind regards

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