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09-23-2011, 01:26 PM
So basically anyone who has been regularly visting the Valuemd forums for a while can see a pattern being shown by people of JUST this forum, I have noticed a few things that I would like to post about

Their has been a user under the name of Med209 that has been claiming to be a student doing rotations in Chicago, that he/she was an current student and has been making certain claims (such as their are 30 students waiting to the step and the school has had 1-2 graduates) THIS IS ALL FALSE as of last week 3 people were banned for multiple account use, this was Med209, martinus and curmed

Med209 was cheerleading CMU. Maritnus started to bash St.martinus on their own forum and bringing up threads that were 4 years old, Curmed claimed to be a new student on the Island that was in O so much love with the school
THEY WERE ALL OBVIOUSLY 1 PERSON WHO happens to be the owner.

of the new 20 something kids that have came in, about 9 have applied into Avalon and another 8-10 are planning on leaving the Island to go to another school.

this School is obviously full of lies and deciet, as an X-student myself who is disgruntled and cheated by this school obviously knows what is going on here.
They have had 0 grads in 4 years, 0 people taking clinicals and are a well known scam on this island. If you tell anyone you go there, the first thing they do is laugh at you, and then tell you good luck

As of last semester there was a stabbing and death at the school which everyone covered up

Perpetrator CMU-murder committed to Capriles Clinic (http://amigoe.com/english/84920-perpetrator-cmu-murder-committed-to-capriles-clinic)

Article says. However, he did not see a local psychiatrist and the school itself had not offered help.


If you loook at the enlarged logo it says GLOBAL UNIVERSITY

I have greater contempt for this school due to the simple fact that they lie and deciet everyone. I dont want others to loose like I did and repent two years from now.

I am going back to my den now.

09-25-2011, 01:06 PM
"EmmaLong" I am not going to respond to the previous thread. You are providing information without substantiating anything.

I have provided proof for anything I have written in this post. You are more than welcome to refute the arugment by providing proof.

Here are the facts.

1) curmed - he said he was a new student and loving it (Fake multiple accounts banned by Moderator)
2) students picture - university name is global university. I provided proof
3) med209 - said he was doing clinical ( fake multiple accounts banned by moderator)
4) graduation picture from your web site (fake)
5) Red cross student picture - (fake) The man in the middle was teaching when we were scammed last time.

In April of this year , M* , who is has Canadian nationality and whose family lives there , came to the island to study at CMU. Fellow students and teachers including the later victim F*, S* had noticed that the young man behaved strangely at times. S* knew about the man's depression.
Perpetrator CMU-murder committed to Capriles Clinic (http://amigoe.com/english/84920-perpetrator-cmu-murder-committed-to-capriles-clinic)

I have provided you the convincing proof. Refute this argument by logic and not just mirror and smoke. I will give you the list of students who were scammed last time but TOS policy does not allow us to post names and I am not going to give initials. PM me with all your details and I will get you all the information.


09-25-2011, 10:17 PM
Emmashort, Please go to lenscrafters. You can not distinguish between B and C? I have a poll open. We will see the results in two months.
Also, please keep on selling snake oil. I will continue to highlght scam.
This is for the students who are even thinking of getting sucked into the scam. BEWARE

09-26-2011, 12:50 AM
well to give the previous photo that cmuzilla posted, credit, the patch on the coat does say global...you just posted a separate logo.

and he is right that a number of vmd accounts, including RL's, have been banned permanently since they were multiple accounts from the same person...not exactly starting off on the right foot there...

ya'll still wearing those short sleeved white coats?

I stand vindicated. All I am trying to do is making sure that people do not get sucked again

10-01-2011, 10:09 PM
they are real student who "transfer" after coming to school like two three years ago... and you know why... play smart.. do not give him any money.. jsut transfer to other school because this school is fake!! if you see logo it will say "AMERICAN GLOBAL UNIVERSITY" because owner was copying school credit from other school

10-02-2011, 02:16 PM
Please search for curacao and find the needle in a haystack
Consumer Fraud Reporting
List of Unaccredited Schools and Educational Facilities (http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/Education_Degree_Scams_Unaccreddited.php)

College and Universities not Accredited
by Michigan Civil Service Commission

Please Be Advised (http://www.agusm.org/please-be-advised)

The school operating in Curacao under the name of A***** G**** University has no affiliation with the Accredited/IMED Listed School, A***** G***** U***** School of Medicine located in the country of Belize. The school operating in Curacao is a fraud and students attending this school will not received ECFMG Certification, be permitted to complete USMLE, be eligible for U.S. Residency Programs, or be permitted to transfer credits to another accredited medical school program.
Please Be Advised (http://www.agusm.org/please-be-advised)

10-07-2011, 01:00 PM
"pmaini" , Another cheerleader bites the dust. Lets see owner banned, admin(s) banned, student(s) banned. Only CMU SGA president is remaining.

10-09-2011, 01:08 AM
I am getting popular with CMU school officials. "CMU", anonymous school admin, whose identity is questionable wants my posts to be reviewed for TOS violations.
"Go ahead, make my day". "CMU", did I violate TOS policy ?

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