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09-06-2011, 06:27 AM
Is it true that a weighty influential individual, who used to teach here, and was nicknamed dr.DD left a considerable open tab with "Tiger Beverage Services Inc"?
I appeal to our admin people and the SGA Pres. to launch an investigation into the matter with due diligence and proper urgency.
If the alleged perpetrator, happens to read my post, we expect him to show remorse, repent, say 5 Hail Mary's , offer his deepest apologies and of course, generously compensate Mr Tiger from "Tiger Beverage Services Inc." for all the troubles and suffering he endured.
So be it.

09-21-2011, 05:46 AM
Tiger Beverage Services Inc. has not yet as of yesterday received compensation for big tab left by perpetrator nicknamed Dr DD.
Assistance from all students on the beautiful island of Curacao is required in order to get this matter solved, before further (legal?) action might be considered.
Spread the news folks!

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