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08-29-2011, 10:43 AM
et private student loans for college from Wells Fargo to help finance your education. If you've received all the federal student loans you're eligible for and still don't have enough, you can use a Wells Fargo private student loan to borrow up to the entire cost of your education.1

Perhaps you don’t qualify for federal loans because you are enrolled in school less than half time. Or maybe you’ve chosen not to complete the FAFSA. Or you’re running out of time to pay for your next semester. Whatever your situation is, a variable-rate private loan from Wells Fargo will allow you to cover your education costs.

Here’s what to do:

Choose the loan that meets your needs
Apply online and get a quick credit decision
Get your loan money

1. Choose the private student loan for college that meets your needsWith a Wells Fargo private student loan2, you get flexible repayment options and, for most of our loans, don’t have to start making payments until after you leave school.

Selecting the loan that meets your needs may depend on many factors, including how much you can borrow each year, how you get the loan money, which school you are attending, and eligibility requirements.

To find the loan that meets your needs:

Compare loans for undergraduate education
Compare loans for graduate and medical/health professional school
Use our Student Loan Selector[/URL]

2. Apply online and get a quick credit decisionBefore you ap (https://www.wellsfargo.com/wf/product/apply?prodCode=EDL&applicationtype=studentloanapp)ply online, gather the following information:

Your Social Security number
A personal reference (a parent, guardian, or relative), including his or her phone number
Employment and income information: employer’s address and phone number, your annual gross income, and previous employment information if applicable (if you’re applying with a cosigner, your cosigner will need to supply this information)
Loan amount you are requesting
School information: school name, city, state, your current grade level and anticipated graduation date if you are the student
Monthly rent or mortgage payment (if you’re applying with a cosigner, your cosigner will need to supply this information)

At the end of the application, we’ll let you know if you need a cosigner (also known as a co-borrower) to apply and assume equal liability for your loan. Student borrowers who do not meet certain credit guidelines or who are permanent or temporary resident aliens will need a cosigner.

Additional documents will be required to complete your private student loan application. After you apply, [U]check your application status to make sure that you’ve completed all the required tasks

3. Get your loan moneyOnce your private student loan is fully approved, we’ll send the loan money.

Depending on the loan, we’ll either send the money directly to you in one lump sum check, or to your school (usually twice a year). If we send it to your school, we will send the funds on the date your school requests.

You can use any money left over after paying tuition to pay for books, room and board, and other living expenses.

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Know your rates and market rates. Always compare to prime rate.

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