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08-26-2011, 09:10 PM
Hi i'm rhi, 24yrs old and although i'm not studying at Med School, it runs through me like sap does in trees! Mum is an RN of 37yrs and Dad is a senior Radiographer at Central districts hospital running the Medical Imaging department there. I've grown up in and around the medical profession as well as being an epileptic. Recently diagnosed as having IIH has been a pain in the butt and investigations are still underway.

Interests: Medical Journals on neurology and Low dose CT imaging (dad is doing this), Emergency medicine mainly penetrating traumas and head injury....limited field i know but when all you can do is read about it,there's plenty. I can name every bone in the skeletal system and have been able to since the age of 5, can tell you 40 different epileptic seizures, first aid and recommended medications for them, the category inwhich they fall under (partial, generalised, complex, complex partial) where in the brain they are located...I have alot of free time.
I'm a martial artist in karate but the IIH has kinda put a halt to everything.

If your wondering why the heck i registered, here's why: I'm smart, i just can't study in a university setting, i sucked at school and exams, but get me doing hands on work and i pick it up faster than you can say 'bobs your uncle'. If Medicine could be done as a on the job learning way like nursing was back in the day my mum learnt (yes there was theory but not alot) i'd probably cope better and i'd do better in the exams, but having so much against me both physically and study wise, i look at it as a hobby/ dream never to be forefilled.

So don't dismiss me because i've not studied at Med School, i have given ideas to interns they never thought about, i have been able to read a x-*** from age 7, CT from age 10 and MRI age 11. :D

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