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08-15-2011, 10:03 PM
oops I mean Good luck in the match 2012. Here are some tips fellow Saba grads gave me when I was interviewing last season so I will pass them on to the next match cycle.

1. try and schedule interviews later in the season. programs remember people who interview later. fact or fiction? i had two program directors tell me the later people had a better chance because they DID remember them more. but don't worry...if you interview early always remember to

2. write thank you cards. do them within a week. and for the programs you really want to go to-email them once before you rank, and once after you rank! let them know you are interested!

3. wanted an interview from a certain program but haven't received it yet? by calling two programs and emailing three others, I got interviews to my top five places. when grads told me to call and write programs for interviews, i thought it would never work! but it did! five interview later, i tell everyone to call/write if you really want to go to a certain program!

4. know about the program. don't ask stupid questions that can be found out from the program website or by asking around. "oh but i'm afraid i will have to compete with other specialities if i come to this family medicine program!" "ummm, we're an unopposed program and family medicine is the only residency besides psych this hospital has, so i don't know who you are competing with?" DONT LOOK LIKE THAT DUMB PERSON! know the program inside and out...they will appreciate all your hard work, trust me!

5. account for flight delays. it will happen. interview season hits the stormy wintry season and that makes for a bad bad combo. do not check in any bags. always take everything via carry on!

6. make sure you can pronounce everyone's name before you interview!!!! ask the program coordinator to go over the pronouncination of each name at least twice! and try and find out from the coordinator what the interviewer likes ahead of time...not always possible, but a helpful if you can.

if anyone else has more advice or think mine has flaws please commment!

08-15-2011, 11:48 PM
when should we go about emailing/calling the program requesting interviews?

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