View Full Version : new course first semester??

08-04-2011, 10:41 AM
Hi. I was just wondering if anyone could comment on the course Doctor/patient relationship in first semester. Is this a new course? On my original course list I had evidence based medicine instead, so I am assuming it is. If it is new, then it is probably fair to assume there are no used copies of the textbook, right? So is this a book I should consider purchasing before starting in september? I know the general consensus is to wait and buy on the island, but I am worried that this book will not be there. The book is: Bates'
Guide to Physical Examination 10th + Bates Visual Guide to Physical Assessment
CD-ROM PKG (http://www.valuemd.com/product.cfm?prod_id=600695&semester_id=1&semsubj_id=2449&course_id=0&cat_id=0)

Any insight from current students (or anyone else 'in the know') would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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