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07-15-2011, 03:52 AM
To web master,

erase this post.

and I don't need answer from who doesn't know anything.. like african child below. I think his agent here, not a student.

07-15-2011, 05:16 AM
Gave wrong answer, so deleteeee!

07-15-2011, 08:37 AM
You have finally satisfied my curiosity, unkknown, and I'm now quite convinced you're not in the Hungarian medical system. Let me hasten to say that some of the accusations you make against HU medical schools are not far from the truth based on my own experiences. However, except if you're talking from a personal experience, desist from defaming, exaggerating or blowing the flaws of HU medical schools out of proportion based on hearsay. A lot of prospective students take issues discussed on this forum serious. If indeed you're in the HU med. system, you won't have to ask this question-every HU student knows the answer this oft repeated and basic questions. All HU medical schools are more or less governed by the same rules.
Now back to the topic and for the benefit of others, I'll answer the questions nonetheless. I'm NOT a student at Semmelweis but I believe they have the same rules we have in Debrecen.
If you fail a course in 1st semester, you won't take the course in the 2nd semester of the SAME academic session except if a) the same course is offered in both 1st and 2nd semester (which is a rarity, especially if it's a core course) or b) the Dean grants a special directive to the department involved to allow repeaters of the course to take the exams of the course during the 2nd semester exams period (this happens occasionally in Debrecen as it happened w/ Biophysics in the last academic session)
Lastly, in Debrecen (and I believe in other HU med schools) a student who fails a course/subject CONSECUTIVELY in 2 academic session is withdrawn from the medical programme. The only way around this is probably to desist from taking the course in the following session if you're not sure or you're overwhelmed w/ other carry-overs. Either way, this is not a good option and is actually tantamount to one shooting oneself in the foot. The best advice is to repeat the year (of course, at the cost of other things), concentrate on your studies and learn from your mistakes.
Still, like Dulgar suggested, let's wait and hope someone from Semmelweis answers.
Good luck in your endeavours.

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