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07-10-2011, 09:36 PM
Hey guys, various questions if you could help me out. If I start AUC in Jan 2012, I am finished with basic sciences and leave the island late August 2013. I know NUMC starts cores around August so could I begin cores in Aug 2014? I hear one of the benefits of the January class is that it gives you a lot of flexibility and sometimes up to 10 months off before residency if you do everything back to back. So could I just use that time off for in between Aug 2013 and Aug 2014? Does AUC have a problem with taking this much time off? Or could I do electives before starting cores, maybe at NUMC? Normally I would start cores Jan 2014 but can I do electives for those 8 months until NUMC start date of AUG 2014?

To me, doing all my cores in one location would be ideal because I really do hate commuting and moving.

07-10-2011, 09:43 PM
I wouldn't wait a year to start clinicals because some of that knowledge will disappear. You can also use those months to space out rotations to study for step 2s or even step 3 before your residency starts.

07-12-2011, 09:21 PM
If you really wanted NUMC... you could take your step late (novemberish or late october) and the get your score by december... factor in it takes 3 weeks for MEAS to do anything and then you have late december/early January... tell them you want to do NUMC and that you'd do 2 electives (8 weeks total) I'd suggest Radiology and 1 other...then in your summer semester start in July with Family medicine and the NUMC cores start August 1st so you'd still be eligible for financial aide....

Once again this is what you'd do:

Take step around November
Schedule 2 electives between January and May (Radiology and Geriatrics/Anesthesia/Family Med)
Start your Summer semester with Family Medicine before you start cores...

If you do all that, you will finish in December if you go back to back through.... or you can space it out

PS: MEAS might try and push you to start early with the "sprinkling" across the NY area or US.... Unless you want to start Providence or Kern... I'd stick to your guns and tell them that NUMC is the only place you want to be.

Keep in mind you pay nearly 19k per semester to go to medical school... It is your choice where you want to rotate and how you want to do it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise because it is your money...

07-12-2011, 09:23 PM
PS: Not only is it convenient to not commute everywhere, the key advantage to going to NUMC is that YOU ARE THERE ALL YEAR LONG so you get to know every department and you can do continued research throughout the year or even during break time. You simply will not or can not get that experience if you are jumping from hospital to hospital.

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