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07-06-2011, 09:20 PM

Drive off into the sunset with a 94 Suzuki Vitara!!! Rebuilt engine, new radiator, new brakes, 4 wheel drive, new tires, new seat covers, radio, automatic transmission, the current mileage is 180,650 km, and (about 112,250 miles), manual locks, power windows but only the drivers window works, spare tire, the wheel tax/registration, and test certificate are all good until October 31st. Very reliable, runs great! Right sided drive! Taken very good care of the past 3 semesters! Great island car! Leaving on August 17th to go to Maine. Asking $4,000 US but highest offer gets it, must go! Current high bid is $3,000 (as of July 19th). Feel free to ask any questions. Email me at [email protected] (.com) or call (530) 906-9216. Happy Bidding!

*Comes with car jack and jumper cables!!!

Maintenance Record

September 2010 Rebuilt engine - pistons hand been previously secured improperly $1000 US

January 2010 Replaced all fluids, oil, transmission, brake fluid $50

February 2011 Repaired the starter - had trouble starting $100

April 2011 Hood came off hinges, windshield is cracked

May 2011 Flooded engine dried - Water leaked into engine from driving without a hood topped up fluids, 1L of transmission, 1 Q Castrol 2050, replaced wiper blades, bought a new tire for front left kept getting a little flat $150

July 2011 Checked all fluids, topped up brake fluid

July 2011 Repaired and attached hood $100


08-06-2011, 02:10 PM
i just have to talk to my friend but i think we'll be good with the price

08-08-2011, 07:11 AM
Just call or text me and we can meet up :-)

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