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Lucy May
05-09-2011, 02:09 PM
Hey didn't really notice a recent one of these in a search. There's better ones on Student Doc, but thought I'd start a new one here for us ValueMDers.

Even though everyone poo-pooed the seriousness of Step 3, I wasn't going to take any chances and still studied a lot. In retrospect though, I probably didn't need to study as much and would've gotten a passing score.

Here's what I did for the Multiple choice part.
1. Premier Review audio lectures--these were okay, I figured I'd take the time to listen anyway in case something stuck with me. It was a good base. It was ~70hrs though of lectures
2. USMLEWorld: I went through the bank multiple times. Scored 55% first time through.
3. Kaplan Qbank: did this just to assess, not study from like UWorld. Scored 62%
4. First Aid--it was so-so for a study guide. I've heard all the resources out there for step 3 are universally crappy. But at any rate, I wouldn't go with this as your first choice. But they do have good quick CCS cases to quickly review which might be worth the buy.

For CCS:
1. Uworld CCS cases. Go through these multiple times. Make sure you have a game plan for chief complaints. Know what you're always autiomaticaly going to order for Chest Pain, Abdominal Pain, Shortness of Breath, Altered Mental Status, etc...
2. Went over First Aid 100 cases once.

Did a UWorld Assessment and predicted score was a 217

Actual exam.
You do a total of 500 questions spread over two days. So in the end, I was fried and obsessed over the ones I missed.

For the CCS, here's what I rememberd having. Some were definitely tricker and not straightforward. Most of them ended in 10 minutes which freaked me out, but apparently it's okay if they end, it means you've met basic minimum requirements for management.

Here's the ones I remember:
1. One guy came in with abdominal pain, ended up having an MI. ALWAYS order EKG!!
2. One guy had abdominal pain and I never figured out what was wrong with him.
3. Old lady with vaginal discharge had and STD--go figure
4. Another with dual diagnosis UTI and Temporaral Arteritis--you only ever enter one diagnosis though.
5. Kid with Croup

Step 1: 206/85
Step 2: 237/98
Step 3: 227/97

Ba-bye Usmle for-evah. :-smiley7

Good luck guys, don't sweat it!

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