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05-08-2011, 02:22 AM
could someone tell me where I could find an updated thread on the discussion of US DO vs BIG4's MD..??

i tried the search function, but it won't let me search just MD vs DO :S google keeps showing me old topics.. the DO or SABA search on this specific forum option keeps showing me really long multiple page threads with titles which seem to have no mention of DO topic.. or well, perhaps it's just that my forum search skills suck :$ lol.

but yeah, i'd really like to read some recent discussions on the topic.. i'm in the process of applying to saba, and am also considering DO schools, (as I read how US DO's may have the matching route easier than IMG's in the near future, mostly on sdn though, but i really wanna know the valuemd POV as well) , and before applying to any school, I want to be sure if I wanna go where I apply.. my mcat is 30S, and GPA 3.6 ~ about level with DO avg's, i guess.

umm, mods, sorry if I am violating any rules. I did try my best to use the search button :$ feel free to close my post if needed, but do send me some recent threads about my topic of interest, before closing this thread, though, plz... :D

05-08-2011, 04:03 PM
Oh my god! DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU CAN GET D.O. :doh:!!!!!! (which with your scores you likely can) I love this school but it is because it was the best of my bad options. If you have been doing your research then you should know by now that ANY American school is better than a Carib school, for sooooooooooooooo many reasons which you should have encountered ad nauseam. In no particular order,any type of U.S. med school beats the pants off ALL carib programs in these areas:
-funding/fin aid
-attrition rate
-(did I mention attrition rate?)
-residency placements
-step scores (in most cases...)
-program quality

Once accepted to an American/Canadian med school, the only way you WON'T be a doctor is if you fail your boards, or do something violent/illegal. It is as close to a guarantee as you can get. Once accepted to a Caribbean M.D. program, you begin your fight to stay in the program (For ex: if you pick Saba you must achieve a 75% or higher on tests to pass. These are tests designed to cull the heard, so you will get no sympathy if you don't do well. Sounds fun right?). Even if you do make it through the basic sciences program, some carib programs have back logged clinical rotations which means you wait longer to finish your program. Finally, if you pass all your boards and do everything right, you are still an IMG from a school that most RD's have never heard of, or that they assume is a joke program because it has a carib address. Why on earth will they pick you over Joe Smith from Midwestern Osteopathic for that general surgery residency, even if all other factors are equal, even if your factors are superior to his? IMG's are a gamble to residency programs the same way Carib schools are all risks to us as students. Be smart with the odds you play, apply to every D.O. program under the American sun and get rejected by all of them before you even consider applying here. I'm not trying to be a jerk, really I'm not. I'm imploring you (and anyone else considering carib MD vs. D.O.)to be smart about this decision.

05-08-2011, 04:16 PM
if your mcat is 30 and your gpa is 3.6, i would imagine that you should be competitive for at least some lower tier US allopathic schools. try for them as well.

05-08-2011, 04:20 PM
Lower tier USMD, DO, and Ireland are all possibly in the offing for you... and they are excellent options. I would exhaust all of them before looking elsewhere. Good luck!

05-08-2011, 05:45 PM
aww, thanks for the positive responses guys! =)

@scott and devildoc: i had applied to few low tier MD schools last year, but there was some (embarrassed) unfortunate delay with my apps, that i sent my primaries in REALLLY, like REALLLY (near the deadlines) late.. i was new to the whole admissions stuff of US..i didn't even get invited for secondary at wayne:( but that was expected, with my replying so late.. but still, when i'd posted my stats on the MD section of sdn even for this year's cycle, uh, didn't get much positive responses i'm afriad:P which made me think perhaps US MD even of low tier schools is kinda out of reach.. i will definitely apply to as many DOs as i can though..and perhaps send wayne another app.. *-) (my ECs aren't that stellar..avg-slightly below avg.)

@maladdy: aww, thanks for the honest advice. i really do appreciate the fact that u guys r so encouraging (not intimidating like certain sections of sdn..lol); but yea, i really appreciate the fact that u r trying to do all u can to present us prospective applicants the whole picture. ur right, it does seem the DO beats caribbean MD in those areas, except for funding though - unfortunately, i'm canadian citizen.. and the DO school on top of my priority list is MSU.. so, it wud be a crazy high tuition for me to go DO route, as compared to SABA..the low tuition was one of the main reasons i hav been looking into saba side by side. and then, there's wht ppl say abt the whole stigma. but i personally don't care as long as i am a physician, and hav a decent shot at residency (if i work hard..) at even competitive specialities. in this case, so far it does seem DO's have an advantage over caribbean MDs. but then, i read some old posts of ppl who actually claimed to have rejected DO programs for SGU or saba..and then there are SO MANY canadian students ( from uoft, mac!) with 3.7's and 3.8s who are coming to SABA... and that is wht kinda made me curious and want to look more into the issue... then there's the OMM; i m a bit hestitant about it, though not as much as to not want to go the DO route at all. whichever way wud give me the physician degree rocks! =)

thanks once again for ur helpful replies guys! and hope i manage to get in some DO programs :( it's just that i screwed up on applications to some of these schools last year, and still do not have that many referees (just 2 profs and one MD, and one of the prof i'm still waiting to hear back from :@ and she's a behav. science prof..), which limits my options, and plus am majorly worried abt how my last application process (not being able to send in secondaries) would effect my this year's application.. i cud kick myself right now for messing up my apps last year.. i just kinda delayed everything, since i wasn't serious enough.. and now that i am, i am a REAPPLICANT! :| even to some DO schools! :| just becuz of my silly negligence! =( aaah... i guess wht is done is done. no use in ranting and whining now.

i'll apply to as many DO's and maybe few low tier allopathic as i can. and see how it goes from there. =)

05-13-2011, 12:12 PM
I'm sorry. I did not realize you are a Canadian. That certainly changes the financial situation for you. In the event that you do end up in the Caribbean, I must say that it seems like the Canadian gov't takes good care of you guys while you are here. 3 of my roommates are Canadian and they all were able to get approved loans for room, board, and books from whatever is the Canadian equivalent of the department of education.

Whatever happens, best of luck to you! I'm sure you will get in somewhere :)

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