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05-02-2011, 10:46 AM
I have lived in Poland for a couple of years now and I have travelled all around the country, I have a dark complexion and i have found that the problem of racism is not uniform across the whole country. Below I will list all the polish cities where medical schools are located in 4 different category groups based on the level of racism problem I believe is there for people of dark or black skin colour. By the way, I havenít seen or heard of Asians(Far Eastern Asians - eg: Taiwanese, Malaysians etc.) have any problems with racism anywhere in Poland.

No Racism Problem:
- Warsaw
- Krakow (Jagiellonian Medical School)

Little Racism Problem:

Problem with Racism:
-Szczecin (Pomeranian Medical School)
-Katowice (Medical School of Silesia)

Big Problem with Racism:

07-17-2011, 06:09 PM
How bad is the racism situation in Lodz?

Can some one give me some more information on this?

07-27-2011, 04:47 AM
My god! Lodz is the worst!!

07-29-2011, 05:22 PM
Hey man, thanks for summing that up.Would you still recommend going to Poznan or Krakow?

08-09-2011, 04:10 AM
Hey man, thanks for summing that up.Would you still recommend going to Poznan or Krakow?

Umm, lets just say that if I had the choice I would pick Krakow over Poznan but I would pick Warsaw over both of them. And further in terms of the racism issue against brown or black skined people, I would pick the Czech Republic or Romania over all of them.

08-11-2011, 10:31 AM
I've never really seen racism (in poland, in general), but I'm only there 3 months a year.

09-04-2011, 01:55 PM
how long were you in Lodz to make that judgment?!

09-04-2011, 04:25 PM
janedoe hi, I cant know the racism part, but during my research about the schools in the region, I checked the administrative/academical staff pages of the schools as well and I saw both Warsaw's and Lodz's admin. pictures.. the faces are telling everything, believe me.. if you can read faces a little bit, you can tell the quality difference. They were like at the opposite ends by that regard..

I crossed over Lodz because of those faces.. not only, but the first reason was this.

edit: I mistook Lodz for Lublin.. its not Lodz, its Lublin:

10-14-2011, 03:49 PM
You have to keep in mind that Poland didn't see a lot of "foreigners" because of communism. A lot of the babyboomers/old people are still not used to seeing a person of color. Especially in cities such as Lodz since it doesn't see many tourists.

10-16-2011, 07:45 PM
wow, if you can read racism just from a professional portrait, you deserve a medal.

Uniwersytet Medyczny w Lublinie (http://www.umlub.pl/index.php?d=1&i=3928)

btw, your snapshot judgement isnt racist at all, I promise. /sarcasm

I personal know two of those doc's, and they have been extremely helpful in my education while i was in Poland.

10-17-2011, 06:58 AM
I read body language very well.. I have a very keen .. how they say.. mm :) .. I couldnt find the right term :p .. let say I have a very keen feel of humans.. the faces of those guys are crying out that they are authority-shaped people.. I know that mood because we have seen many of those authority-lovers here in Turkey too.. its not racism DrHokie, its knowing the culture and paradigm of these people.. communism made them intellectually sick in one way, and the deep-rooted obedience-before-authority coming first from Islam and developed during Ottoman Empire made, in another way.. I recognize that kind of people from their face easily.. but I always talk with a reserve in myself that I can be wrong.. so lets hope I am wrong.. I am open to change my mind any time..

By the way, for clarification; Islam doesnt make people obedient, but not to live Islam in its own integrity may make.. I think during Ottoman time we have developed that weakness, obedience to authority, more, though its diluted a lot in recent decades..

Bryana Butlar
11-11-2011, 03:29 AM
I don't think racism in Poland is a huge problem. Also Polish people are not racist. but the problem usually is that in Poland you don't see a lot of Polish people. So, racism towards Black people is not a major problem in Poland, nor in Eastern Europe. There are simply very few racist, and some mad people might view them with curiosity rather than prejudice.

11-11-2011, 07:54 AM
Poland's racism is even worse than its roads, and not only towards blacks.
Poles treated me worse after they had found out that i was from Russia. However, they had a different attitude towards ukrainians and belarusians. 'Katyn,' they yell and most of them don't know what it is. Indeed it's unlikely that Poles will ever forget their historical enemies.

11-11-2011, 08:29 AM
:D I can get the picture.. they dont have a serious issue with the ones they dont know, but if they have some negative idea, impression, past story or something, then they dont act in a civilized manner, but not severe as well.. just bothering with a couple of words or cold or bad looking eyes..

Ok, its understandable.. if thats all, its bearable.. of course for me, as a foreigner.. but for a Russian, to take this undeserved attitude must be hard.. when I put myself in your position, I can feel it.. let alone to be annoyed, I would feel even angry with something I didnt deserve..

But you know what, this is the same story everywhere.. in my country peopel love foreigners, for instance, but despite this, if they have a bad memory in near history (like US invasion of Iraq) or a direct negative experience (like the Arabs that cut sheeps right in the middle of the saloon of their suits in Hilton, and right over a big handmade carpet!), then they develop such reactions as well.. not civilized, but understandable for ordinary people..

Even if I dont respect, I understand what do they do why, put it behind me as much as possible and I prefer to move on my true path.. life is precious, and it must be filled with precious things.. the point is, are they dangerous or not.. if not, never mind.. and you know what, as you feel good, they develop good feelings as well.. never mind the wrongdoings and you go on to feel good :) ..if you can :D :D

By the way, they are not bad always.. for instance my people love foreigners a lot (we are all the same all the same white, same types :D), and now it became normal to see foreigners everywhere, but before I remember they were looking at the foreigners as if they were aliens :D hahahaha.. ooooo my Goooood! poke poke!.. you see? you see? he is a tourist..awwwwwww! :D :D hahaha.. this is even cute to me, if Polish people does this :D

12-05-2011, 11:39 AM
Racism is everywhere...:crazy::crazy:

Give me a break. Get over it. If you can't take someone looking at you on a street than you do not have thick enough skin to get through life, period. People are always going to dislike other people for a plethora of unfounded illogical reasons. You don't have to talk to them... As long as they are not taking it out on your grade, why would you even care? Its not like they are out lynching every person of color in their country. In America black people are still crying about racism to this day. Yes, there are some people that don't like black people, but black people don't have to interact with them. They choose to make a big stink of it. That is what you are doing by characterizing whole cities as racist and non-racist. I am from the American southeast, and i run into people in my own country who just assume the area i live in is totally racist. They are wrong...

As for an Arab slicing up a sheep in the Hilton... You don't think that is whacked out ridiculous? I'd blow a gasket if i had to clean that mess up. There is such thing as being culturally sensitive to the place where YOU chose to go. Its not your country, and forcing your own stereotypes about racism is just as bad as them allegedly looking down on you.

02-06-2012, 04:57 PM
Oh! This just confused me! I was going to apply for the unis in poland :-/ Now im no longer sure.. What do you reckon? Any recommendations?

02-22-2012, 03:56 AM
Which ones do you consider? As far as I could learn, Warsaw/Warsaw, Jagiellonian/Krakow are pretty civilized for instance, but for Lodz I dont hear good things..

02-29-2012, 06:17 PM
Civilized ? lol They're all civilized. The major ones with a lot of international tourism are not bad at all. Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, have no problem at all I think. There will be a lot of tourism due to the Euro 2012 this year, they're all getting ready for it.

06-06-2012, 08:15 AM
Has anyone seen a documentary called "stadiums of hate" by BBC?
I was speechless..

09-21-2012, 10:21 PM
Racism in football, is present in most European countries.

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