View Full Version : Employment for qualified North American qualified medical educator

John William Buckner MD
04-01-2011, 09:53 AM
Anyone with HR information about the Dutch Antilles Medical Schools is invited to share information with me. I am a board certified Orthopedic surgeon and a masters in Education, I taught at UCSF and UC Davis before that, I had a private practice in Florida and built my own out-patient surgical center, I know the politics as well as the anatomy , which proceedure and how to do them and on which patient, more importantly I know how to survive the medical legal, administrative pitfalls encountered in private practice in the US. I was hoping a Medical School in the Antilles would be able to put this experience and knowledge to advantage for students studying Medicine, and hoping to practice in the US. if you have ideas or contacts, please share with me. thanks John W Buckner MD ABOS, Masters in Education

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