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03-16-2011, 01:23 PM
A few months ago, it turned out that the Dean of Technion Medical School, Eliezer Sh-a;;lev wasn't complying with US Dept of Education regulations. He sent out an email on August 9, 2010 which in part said the following (notice the HILARIOUS spelling errors):

"I fear that failure to comply with the requirements will result in loss of the edibility granted to our school by the US department of education. In addition, it will lead the school to enforce limitation and restraints on the students (such as non submission of MSPES's to ERAS, and other academic restraints)."


03-17-2011, 12:00 AM
As I was on my way out after one horrific semester, the Dean of Technion's medical school Eliezer [email protected] and Rinat both PROMISED to refund my money after a miserable semester. By the way, the program is so easy. I spent less than 20 hours studying during the entire semester, and I passed all of my classes. Pathetically unchallenging. You will notice the inconsistency in the emails as Rinat is [email protected]'s accomplice to chronic pathological lying. Not sure if I can blame them. Living in Haifa and working/learning at the Technion is a recipe for insanity. Here are two of the e-mails:

Please note that according to regulations you are not eligible for a refund, but we are willing to come forward and refund you.

The refund will be considered as part of the termination process.

The refund will be up to 50% from the yearly tuition (not including additional fees).
As such it will be up to 12,500 US$.

Once you submit the official letter I give it to Prof. [email protected] and ask for his approval, only than we will be able to refund you and determine the amount.


There seems to be a misunderstanding between you and Prof. [email protected]
Since you were a full time students in Winter semester 2009-2010, the money paid cannot be refunded. In addition, it is not your money it is US government funds thus you are not eligible to receive them and therefore they be given to you.

What we can refund is 1,000 US$ overpayment from the first payment. This money will be sent to the US lenders, as it is their money.

In addition if you submit the official signed and dated letter requesting to terminate your studies at the Technion, by tomorrow (March 4th, 2010), you will not be required to pay the outstanding yearly tuition. (Thus you will be receiving a tuition deduction of 50% from the 2009-2010 yearly tuition).

Please note that I will be updating Robert on this situation so he is aware of all that is going on, so when the second disbursements checks arrive he will know what to do.


03-17-2011, 08:11 AM
Not surprising. Anyone here will tell you that Rinat has a pathological problem and can't tell the truth. She is unreliable, and goes out of her way to make anything as difficult as possible for any student. Whether it is visa issues, scheduling issues, exams, logistics, etc. She also violates privacy left and right.
EVERY student here knows this and agrees.
The entire class filled out a petition to get rid of her because she alone has caused harm to people's careers and [email protected] got angry and made the class apologize to her! Unbelievable!

Rinat makes up lies "regulations" and is inconsistent, at best, and malicious at worst. It is funny watching people say that she is "just a secretary" which is part of the problem. She has dirt on [email protected] and has way too much say for her pay grade which is why she has screwed up people's chances on rotations in the states, she has screwed up grades here, etc.
SHE is the main person in charge of day to day operations of the program. The program is a 3 person show: [email protected] at the top, L3vy who needs [email protected]'s permission to do anything, and R1nat who makes things up as she goes along in a sadistic manner. That is it. Not a real medical school. A one or two person show.

03-18-2011, 12:58 AM
The entire class filled out a petition to get rid of her because she alone has caused harm to people's careers and [email protected] got angry and made the class apologize to her! Unbelievable!

I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help it, sorry. Rinat and [email protected] are like the star actors in a comedy.

I can't believe they continuously get away with this crap. Hopefully this will change really soon. I think people are starting to file complaints with the U.S. Dept of Education and looks like someone has already contacted a lawyer in Washington DC who is an expert in this area, and I quote from the lawyer's bio, "with more than 20 years experience in higher education policy, student financial assistance regulations and the federal legislative process, including issues affecting for-profit education".

Someone should make a movie about TeAMS. Either the Farrelly Brothers or the Coen Brothers.

03-18-2011, 03:56 AM
[email protected] is holding offees hours.

03-22-2011, 10:54 AM
So - there was a "panel" of a few medical students a couple weeks back to advise 3rd years on applying to different fields. Funny thing is, 2 of the students on the "panel" didn't even match into the fields they were "representing"!!! One student failed to match into surgery and another didn't match into ER. From what I have heard, only 8 people, out of a class of 30 were able to enter the match.
One student didn't match, 3 others didn't match in what they wanted to go into (2 failed to get into ER, one failed to get into surgery).

Horrible - worse than any Caribbean school. Based on 2 years of such results, Technion wouldn't even meet accreditation standards in the Caribbean. Pathetic.

04-29-2012, 04:05 PM
skymall: I appreciate your right to free speech, but you are slandering a good friend of mine and the program. Was this so-called deranged bipolar person a medical student at the Technion for two years? According to this Haaretz article (http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/anglo-file/technion-takes-google-to-court-to-shut-down-blog-critical-of-medical-program-1.360111), the former student created the website after studying at the Technion for two years. It also says that students, alumni, and professors were interviewed. The program is getting better and yes there were and are problems with it. Keep the personal attacks and obvious propaganda to yourself. You make the students look like desperate idiots (not a good thing). Please do not do that.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say I'm slandering a good friend of yours. Who are you referring to?
If you are referring to the expelled ex-student who created that website and was also expelled from Emory then I would encourage you to Google your friend a little and find out who he really is. Read the smear articles he wrote about Emory and read about the proceedings that followed. Read how your 'friend' was found to have spammed and slandered the university.

He then changed his name and lied his way into the Technion and got expelled.

The only slandering going on is that kid slandering the Technion. He is trying to retaliate against the Technion like he tried against Emory.

In terms of your comment about how long he was here...the ex-student may have studied at the Technion for 2 years- I don't know what that has to do with anything.

The article states that AngloFile interviewed a few students and even someone that teaches there. Firstly, It does not state what the results of those interviews were. It says in the next paragraph that a former student says that some of the website's accusations are true but that things have been getting much better in the last few weeks. Additionally, Those former students and a professor could easily have all been this same kid. This kid is notorious for assuming different identities. He did it with Emory, he did it when he changed his name, and he is doing it now. Check out this ValueMD thread where all of the users in the thread are BANNED! Do you know why?- because they all belong to him! Look how he talks to himself. http://www.valuemd.com/israeli-medical-schools/209585-technion-losing-accreditation-dept-education.html
Search ValueMD for the following usernames that all belong to him and are all banned:
Student in Program
There are many other usernames of his that have been banned and even more that were not banned yet.

I am not slandering him. I am showing you how he chooses to conduct himself.

He says in the Haaretz article that his only goal is to warn prospective students. Why then does he constantly email current students
and our entire school as a whole) ranting and cursing??

The Technion American medical school is an excellent program. This kid making 100's of usernames and spending every waking moment trying to discredit our school will not change that.

05-03-2012, 08:20 PM
"skymall" above is an embittered first year student at the horrible medical program listed above. He is just upset because the Technion has already received emails from many residency program directors that they will not consider their students. He is lashing out like a fish out of water because he was naive and his excruciating ignorance landed him at such an unaccredited program.

If you do look at the match list- it reads like an epic failure. 60% of grads over the last three years have failed to obtain a residency. If you do speak to any current students, you will hear two opinions: 1) the school is wonderful and great and there are no problems and 2) stay as far away from this hellhole as possible and avoid such a sinking vessel of sorrow.

Guess who is telling the truth?

Hint: Read the articles about all the Technion TeAMs problems in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, MacLeans (Canada), Ha'aretz, etc.

Trust the legitimate exposès, not some current shill for a third toilet program. Most students there have not even managed to get into a single DO or Caribbean program and now they fear going down with a sinking ship and some, like the charlatan above -are trying to con others to make the same awful mistake.

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