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02-18-2011, 11:01 AM
For US college students with Bachelors Degree in science, whats is the Required GPA (Minimum) to get into one of these school Szeged, Semmingweis,and PECS? What is the living standard and standard of education there compared to the United States? After medical, can the student be eligible to take California Medical Board?

02-18-2011, 11:29 AM
The Hungarian schools offer 6-year programs for high school graduates... I don't believe that they offer any graduate 4-year programs in Hungary.

College graduate 4-year programs are offered in Poland, England and Ireland. The easiest entry will be to some of the schools in Poland, although Jagiellonian is more competitive... and of course, the schools in the UK are more competitive. Standards (living and educational) will vary in Poland, again, Jagiellonian is probably the best option there. The Irish and English schools have excellent international reputations.

There are no "California Medical Boards" as far as exams go. There is only the USMLE (Steps 1, 2CS, 2CK, and 3), and ECFMG qualification. The California Medical Board is the organization that offers state approval of medical school programs (and/or English curricula of overseas schools), etc. The Irish and English schools are all CMB approved. Some of the Polish schools' English programs are CMB approved (Jag, Lublin, Poznan, etc.) and some are not (Pomeranian, etc.). I know that Semmelweis and Pecs are CMB approved, but am not sure about the others in Hungary, but again, they are not graduate 4-year programs. Checking the CMB website will tell you specifically, just make sure that it specifically states ENGLISH PROGRAM. The native language programs are essentially all approved, it is the English programs that need additional CMB approval.

I hope that helps clarify things a little. Good luck!

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