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02-05-2011, 10:54 PM
Hello everyone,

MCV is packed cell volume divide by RBC count. Now I know reticulocytes increase in haemolytic anaemia. Why is that, is it to compensate for lost RBC? I want to know how this affects MCV. When you measure packed cell volume, do you measure the volume of blood occupied by RBC only or RBC+reticulocytes. Then when you measure RBC count do you count RBC only or RBC+reticulocytes. I just want to where the error occurs.

Also MCHC and MCH is decreasd in this paient.

Now my question is why does MCHC decrease. It is the concentration of haemoglobin in a give volume of packed red blood cells.

Hb/ Haemotocrit

Did it decrease because haemotocrit has increased due to high reticulocyte count?
Also in macrocytic anaemia why is this generally normal. Isn't there a decrease in Hb in macrocytic anaemia. Also why is macrocytic anaemia normochromic? Again doesn't Hb decrease in that disease. Also why does MCH increase in macrocytic anaemia, is it because cell is large it can carry more Hb, is this the reason why it is normochromic.

The other question is why did MCH decrease in haemolytic anaemia. I can not understand why?

I'm not a USMLE student, didn't know where else to ask this in the internet

Thanks ;)

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