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11-30-2010, 11:39 AM

Can someone tell me just how challenging a Dominican Republic curriculum can be?

It came to my attention that I basically will not be having summers off.

How have others who have this feel about this?

Dr. Mixmasta
11-30-2010, 02:34 PM
Well it all really depends on u. In my school its 3 semesters per year, so I didnt have vacations, just 3 weeks in Dec. But if u want vacations u can take the summer semester off.

If u do things the "RIGHT WAY", u pretty much dont have that much time. There are students who drop alot of classes, and take semesters off, and with the federal loans live the life of the rich and famous, ellos son los estudiantes eternos, y pasaran mil anios y nunca terminaran.

In regards to the Curriculum, I can only talk about my school, Unibe, the curriculum, is the same as any US school, and I believe in semester 10 u have integrated into the curriculum kaplan because after basics sciences u have to take step 1.

Anything else letme know

Mixmasta MD

12-01-2010, 03:23 AM
Do credits have the same equivalence? Because a US curriculum does not have 25 cedits per term. It is more like 12-19 per term. Also, what did you mean to write about Kaplan? Do you know if the schools allow time for students to study for USMLE, or if the professors do?

Do you have a life outside of academics with a schedule like that? While I see my time as valuable and do take advantage of it, it is in this same aspect that I also believe one must live life. Short vacations here and there especially on such a beautiful island would do any person living life, good.

In other words, I do not want to spend my juventud JUST living with my eyes attached to books and ears to professors. It is 6 years for goodness sake.

The above question is open to anyone who can answer it.

Dr. Mixmasta
12-01-2010, 12:48 PM
Yes, Unibe has kaplan integrated to their curriculum, I believe its semester 10 where u take kaplan, it consists of video lectures and live lectures ( the profs from kaplan actually come down to Dr to teach).

Yes the amountof credits and everything in the new Unibe curriculum ( The International MD track) is the same.

Regarding time to study for the board, I believe in Unibe, the profs are alittle bit more flexible and at least in my experience most prof taught the topics related to the board(because they know ur a foreign student and that exam is very important for u). If u go to a school like PUCCM most of ur classmate will be dominicans that want to practice in their country.

The other schools mainly focus on making u a dominican doctor, which is not bad, its just deviates u from ur actual goal.

You'll become a doctor in any of the schools u go to, but the one that is closest to the US style (teaching, environment, students, profs, etc) is Unibe. And of course its the most expensive one (they charge u in dollars :P)

And well about vacations, it all depends on u, when I got to Unibe there were students that were way above me, and I recently graduated and those students are still there party and having fun.

Some people take 6, 7 or 8 years to graduate, and they expect to get into residency??? well good luck to them, unless their mom or dad are some kinda big shots in some big hospital.

Mixmasta Md

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