View Full Version : Applying to UNIBE? Process?

10-03-2010, 12:43 PM
Anybody applying or have applied to UNIBE can guide me through the process of applying? Anybody from Florida? Please PM. Thanks

Dr. Mixmasta
10-04-2010, 11:07 AM
Im from florida, I did mine along time ago, what I remember is that u need to fill out the application thats online, I think they require u 2 o 3 LOR , an essay, ahhh u also need to give them ur record of vaccines and a physical examination form that is on the website to be filled out by ur doctor. I dont know if u can, but what i did is that when i had everything i went to the school personally, that way i made sure that i wasnt missing anything and also asked them what were my chances of getting into MED 1 directly since I had a bachelors already. Because many of my classmates had to take some premed courses before starting MED 1 eventhough they had a bachelors already. ( Thats based on ur GPA and the classes that u've taken during ur undergrad) I just didnt want to waste anytime and also i wanted to see the school because remember its almost 4 years of ur life that ur gonna spend there if u start from MED.

U can do all that thru the miami office as well, but I believe its much faster and efficient if u go personally.

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