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09-15-2010, 06:43 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am a nurse from Alaska with a 27 on my MCAT, a 3.37 undergrad GPA in my 1st Bachelor's in biology and a 4.0 in my later Bachelor's of nursing. I have extensive research experience and 10 publications. I also have a lot of clinical experience from nursing and working in the OR. My state does not have a medical school, other than a pertnership with Washington, and so I feel that my stats may not be sufficient to gain entrance into a N. American school at this point, though the apps are in. I have just received my MCAT scores and so taking them again for this cycle is not an option. I am 30 years old and do not wish to reappply over and over in the US due to time and money constraints. I am a seasoned traveller and am interested in schools abroad, but feel that Europe will be a better match for me, versus the Carribean due to costs and environment. I have some questions about Hungarian English medical programs and would appreciate imput from current or past students:

1. Is the program/faculty/environment one that you are satisfied with? Do you feel that it was a good choice? Would you do it over again? Even with 6 years vs 4?

2. Is Hungary an enjoyable place to live? Expensive?

3. I am married to a teacher, who is applying for work at international diplomat schools there, are there other married students and where do they usually live?

4. Did the application/matriculation/orientation process go smoothly? What was the timeline involved? How was getting visas and apartments squared away? Did anyone bring a pet?

5. How are the USMLE prep/scores and residency placements in the US? Is there a significant attrition rate?

6. Is the language barrier a big problem in the clinical setting or do the language classes help significantly?

7. What is the honest financial aid situation there currently?

8. Are you getting an MD or a different title?

9. Do my stats fall in line with a possible acceptance from what you know about other students?

10. Are there different "faculties" like in Czech Rep?

11. What is the best program in Hungary?

I feel that most people in N American schools would be able to list pros and cons about their schools, I would love some feedback on Hungarian English medical programs. I can't thank you enough for your time.

Kind Regards,

09-15-2010, 12:58 PM
Due to the fact that I'm not American, I am confined in the amount of info I can provide you. In other words, I can't answer your questions through the eyes of an American.
However, I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit Hungary and the medical schools (they have only 4 medical schools) to "see" things for yourself. I don't expect this to be a problem since you're employed and can afford it. Visiting in person offers lots of advantages that can never be obtained otherwise. These include, but not limited to;
1. Having a larger pool of students to ask questions about their studies and their impressions about their school(s).
2. Assessing the teachers' level of education, mode of teaching, command of the English language, delivery of the material etc. Actually, you can attend a lecture without anyone as much as raising a brow. If you want to go a step further, you can sneak into an anatomy dissection class to observe how it is delivered, if or not students' contributions are encouraged and how far students' participation go. Other things you may want to check are the number of students per cadaver, the available facilities (new or old, state-of-the-art or outdated etc).
3. Assessing the school's facilities, administration and its treatment of international students.
4. Have a feel of the city, its people and culture.

On the condition that you can't make it here, then you may read the all the posts on this forum about Hungarian medical schools. I may have to warn you though that some of the posts are bit outdated and some things have changed over time. Yet, some things remain the same (for instance poor student administration).
Good luck in your endeavours :)

02-23-2011, 03:36 AM
to answer your question no. 5. in Debrecen there is a USMLE course (Kaplan course) every summer that prepares students to USMLE step 1 - they started it a few years ago and invite professors for the lectures from the U.S. (anyone can register but as I know it is cheaper for those studying at the University of Debrecen). also Debrecen University participates the Direct Loan program that is a great help for the U.S. students (though only MD students are eligible for that).
I guess you can get more info if you get in touch with them (an e-mail does not cost a thing) or, as African_Child adviced, visit them personally.
good luck!

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