View Full Version : No More US Financial Aid

08-29-2010, 07:24 AM
If you are an American student who relies on loans to pay for school, don't bother applying. The school has stated that they will no longer accept or cooperate with students who rely on US federal student loans. The students who are already in the middle of their education have all been put in really difficult positions either having to get private loans or having to transfer to other schools.

What's worst is that the school knew since April that they had to make this decision and did not alert students about it until mid-July!

The school is phasing out their relationship with the United States and not planning on recruiting there any longer. If you plan to practice or study in the US, you may want to chose another school.

I am one of the students who is in this ridiculous position and am so BLEEPING mad I can hardly see straight.

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