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07-20-2010, 06:16 PM
Lime internet modem wireless- 35 CI

BRS- all are for 25 Ci
a.) Biochemistry
b.) Physiology
c.) Physiology case studies
d.) Embryology
e.) Neuroscience
f.) Microbiology
g.) Pharmacology
h.) Pathology

Robbins Pathology review text book - 10Ci

Stedman's Medical dictionary- 30Ci

Lippincott's biochemistry 4th edition- 25CI

Bates Guide to physical examination- 30Ci

Fadem- Behavioral science - 10CI

Clinical Pharmacology made Ridiculously simple- 15CI

Pathological basis of disease 7th edition- 40CI

Blueprints biochem, genetics, and embryo case studies- 10CI

Medical Embryo by T.W. SADLER- 25CI

Pharmacology exam and Board- 30CI

Berne and Levy principle of Physio 4th edition- 40CI

Review of Micro bio and immuno 10th edition- 25CI

Basic and Clinical Pharm Beztram, Katzung-25CI

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