View Full Version : Items for sale in St. Kitts!

Pre-med Doctor
05-15-2010, 03:02 PM
Attention medical students!

Items for sale, many of them BRAND NEW.

Please send me a private message if you want any of them.

Navy blue scrubs ("unisex") - size Medium - 3 brand new pairs available in the plastic - $20 U.S. each

Strong colorful table napkins
250 each, 3 packs
$ 3 U.S. each pack or best offer
1 500 pack, $5 or best offer

Gently used water purifier $10 U.S. or best offer

Large school binders
4 each
$4 U.S. each or best offer

Kitchen towels - a set of 2 BRAND NEW $3 U.S.

Double large white, nice blanket/bed cover BRAND NEW $12 U.S.

Small black lunch bags 150 count NEW - $2 U.S. or best offer

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