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03-31-2010, 03:15 AM
Awards Ceremony November 05, 2010
Dubai UAE
General Regulations
1. Candidates are dental practitioners and dental technicians only from MENA countries.
2. One candidate can enter one case in category.
3. One candidate can enter more than one case but in different categories.
4. The patient in submitted case has to consent pictures of his face to be shown in public space.
5. The organizer of the competition has rights to use the case for publication without limitation of duration of use.
6. Closing date for all entries - September 01, 2010.
7. There is a restriction for the Jury and Organizing Committee to participate in the competition.

1. Complete the Entry application form and provide to the organizer. Candidates who apply with more than one clinical case should fill the application form for each case.
2. Dental Technicians who take part in the case - full name should be provided together with the name of the laboratory.
3. Brief description of the case – one page A4 format, in font size 12 points (1000 – 1300 words). The case report should describe the patient’s presenting condition, the treatment options, and the treatment. The level of detail should be sufficient to allow the judges to understand what treatment was carried out and why.
4. Pre- and post-operative images (jpeg format, not more than 600KB) are required to allow the judges to evaluate the treatment. The images should be chronologically ordered with a date and title.
5. Candidates have the option to send the necessary documents:
• On line: Online submission >> (http://www.cappmea.com/awards2010/online.html)or
• By post: Entry Application Form and Recorded Case Report and Pictures on a CD should be posted at: CAPP, KV, Bldg. 9 Off. 8, P.O. Box 502221, Dubai, UAE

Learn more >> (http://cappmea.com/awards2010/)
Contact CAPP:
Tel: +971 4 3616174
Fax: +971 4 3686883
Mob: +971 50 2793711
Email: [email protected]
Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2010 (http://cappmea.com/awards2010/)

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