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01-01-2010, 07:29 PM
Hey everyone there is a UCE facebook group. Just do a group search for "UCE students" thats the name of the group. Lets get as many people on there so we can at least put a face with a name. It feels like i know some of you already, jajajaja.

01-02-2010, 03:44 PM
1)Pocket campanion to Guyton and Hall 11th edition ISBN 9781416002130
2)Langman’s medical embryology by GW Saddler 10th edition ISBN 1781794834
3)Basic histology text and Atlas byLuiz Carlos Junquiera 11th edition
4)Wheater’s functional histology A text and colour atlas 5th edition ISBN 9780443068508
5)Clinical neuroanatomy 6th edition by Richard Snell ISBN
6)Medical microbiology 5th edition by Patrick K Murray ISBN9780323033039
7)Grant’s dissector by Patrick W .Tank ISBN 078175484
8)Difiore’s Atlas of Histology with functional correlations by 10th edition ISBN 0781750210
9)Gray’s Anatomy for students by Richard L.Drake ISBN 0443066124
10) Robins and Cotran Pathologic basis of Dx 7th edition ISBN 9780721601878
11)Harrison’s principle of internal medicine 16th edition ISBN0071402357
12)Textbook of medical physiology 11th edition ISBN 0721602401
13)A manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic test 7th edition ISBN 0781741807
14)Merck’s manual 18th edition
15) Concise medical immunology by thao doan ISBN078175741X
16)The dev Humanclincal oriented embryology by Moore Persaud 7edition ISBN9780721694122
17)Atlas of Human Anatomy 4th edition Frank H Netter MD
18)Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 10th edition by Katzung ISBN 0071451536
19)Guide to Physical Examination& History taking 9th edition ISBN 9780781785195
20)Lippincott’s illustrated review Pharmacology 3rd edition ISBN 0781741181
21) Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 4th edition ISBN 019262783X
22)Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery by G.R McLatchie International Student edition
23)Oxford Hanbbook of Clinical specialities 8th edition ISBN 0192629433
24)Pretest Pharmacology by ****** R.DiPalma 7th ed ISBN0070519986
25)Pretest Biochemistry by ******* chlapowski 7th ed ISBN0070520011
26)Webster’s New Explorer Medical Dictionary ISBN 1892859076
27)Clinical Anatomy for Medical student by Fred Blackelee
28)Current Medical Diagnosis &Treatment 36th edition ISBN 0838514898
29)Rypins Basic Science Review 17th edition ISBN 0397512457
30)Review of Medical Physiology 17th edition by Ganong ISBN 0838582354
31)Clinical Pharmacology Made ridiculously simple by James Olson
32Clinical Pathophysiology Made ridiculously simple by Aaron Berkowitz
33)Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple by Mark Gladwin
34)Gross Anatomy BRS 3th edition by Chung ISBN 068301568X
35)Harper’s Biochemsitry 23th edition ISBN 0838536581
36)Pathology BRS 2nd edition by Arthur S. Schneider MD
37)Board Stimulator series ISBN 0683302965
38)Appleton & Langes review for the USMLE Step 1 by ****** Barton ISBN 0838502253
39)Preventive medicine and Public Health by Brett Cassens ISBN 068306262X
40)USMLE step 1 General principles
41)USMLE step 1 microbiology and Immunology
42)USMLE step1 Anatomy
43)USMLE Step 1 Biochemistry
44)USMLE step1 Behavioural Sciences
45)USMLE step1 Pathology
46)USMLE step Physiology
47)USMLE step1 Pharmacology
48)USMLE step 1 Qbook
49)Pathology review by Edward F Goljan MD
50) Atlas of the Human skeleton by Gerard J. Tortora
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