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12-17-2009, 02:50 PM

I want to thank you two for your posts so far; I have found them very informative. I couldn't send you a private message with my questions because of my low post count. What follows was the intended message. To any other Canadians practicing over there that have a firm grasp on the system, feel free to contribute as well. Just please don't post speculative information, the internet is full of that already.

Thank you!

I am a Canadian, who is seriously considering coming to Australia, even if I can get in a Canadian med program. I would be interested in studying in Australia, and remaining in Australia permanently.

I just have some questions, as this decision is a huge one with a lot of variables.

I am a Canadian undergraduate student completing two degrees right now. I am interested in coming to Australia for medical school, but not as a back up plan. I'd like to study there, live there, and work there. However, I hear so much about how I could go to Australia, end up with 250k in debt, with no job... and hence a degree that won't do much for me in Australia or Canada. I hear this is an even bigger problem with Australia upping the amount of seats in med schools (doubled over 4 years?). This worries me.

Lets assume I am an average student in med school, as statistics would suggest I am likely to be about that (though I will try to be better). English is my first language, say I do all of my clinicals/electives in Australia (which I would), and I am under 44 years of age (I read this is important). Assuming that I am just an average med student from Canada, am I likely to be allowed to live and practice in Australia... despite the massive increase in med school seats? Assume I am applying 2-3 years from now for med school.

Assuming your answer is "yes" to the above, are there opportunities for Canadians to specialize in Australia? At this point I don't know if/in what exactly I would specialize... but I wouldn't be surprised if I wound up interested in Pediatrics, Oncology, or a pediatric subspecialty such as pediatric oncology, neurology, or neonatalogy. To specialize, I know people have to perform better in school than average... so assuming I do just that, will I have that opportunity?

Assuming that it is unlikely that I would get to specialize unless I am just a complete genius and number 1 in my class, are their routes to specializing after obtaining Permanent Resident status as a GP? I have read that it is law for hospitals to accept PR's and citizens over international students for residency. So if I became a GP (guessing that is least competitive, thus giving me the best chance of finding a residency program), then a PR... is there a route to take where I could then apply to specialize as a PR who is already a GP?

Next, perhaps I find GP to be the place for me... am I restricted to working in rural areas only? If so, after how long might I get the chance to move into some of the more populated areas?

Finally, I have a girlfriend that I intend to make my wife once my education is done and I am making a respectable living. If accepted into an AUS med program, are students generally able to bring their significant other along, even if they aren't officially married?

Actually, one more small question... how in the world do Canadians generally fund their AUS education? I do not come from a wealthy family... I'll need loans for everything I'm guessing.

I know I asked a lot of questions... I don't expect you to answer them all, or to answer quickly. However, judging by the previous posts that I have read, you will probably answer them all and then some!

Lastly, let me stress that my concern isn't coming back to Canada to work. I just want to know that if I come there for meds, put in the hard work, do no better or worse than anyone else, that work and eventually PR is there for me, and preferably my significant other as well.

Thank you!


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