View Full Version : Looking for school - bit of a different field

12-09-2009, 09:21 PM
Hi, I know this isn't the best forum to find help in the field that I am interested in, but it's close. Basically after high school my family will be moving back to Poland and I'm going to go with the for the sake of not having to pay for housing, food, education and whatnot. I am interested in either chiropractic of physiotherapy studies.

Now I will be moving to Elblag, around 60km away from Gdansk. I am trying to find a school in either sections that's relatively close. If anyone has some information can they help me out? I'm just looking at how the school will work if I would be taught in English (I can speak Polish but it would be very hard for me to study in Polish, tried living in Poland 2 years ago and attended school).

Any information would be awesome.

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