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11-26-2009, 08:25 PM

I will be a second semester student in January, and I have a room for rent. My wife has had to move back to the states due to student loans not going through, so I am looking for a roommate. My place is located across from the beach on Seven Mile Road. The place has an upstairs and downstairs. The place is a one bedroom, but I would be staying in the upstairs, and whomever moves will be staying downstairs in the master bedroom. I will have a car that can be used by the both of us...my place is a mile from the campus. If you are new to the island, the school is located on Seven Mile Road. The rent is only 600 CI a month a piece, and the utilities (water, electric, internet, and cable) is another hundred and fifty a month. Cable is not a concern for me...wife wanted it, so if that is not important to you let me know. I am not sure what semester you are, but I do have all the books for first semester. Please feel free to contact me at gaius.holladay at gmail.com or gholladay at smucayman.com...sorry ValueMD won't let me post an email for some reason. Anyway my Cayman number is +1 345-546-4329, and I will be back in the states on December 8th where you can get in touch with me at 985-892-9791. Thanks, Gaius

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