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09-27-2009, 11:51 PM
Hey, I've been researching England medical schools for a whole week now and I finally gave up and decided to post my specific question and hope for someone to reply!

I'm a Canadian high school student and my dream is to go to England and study medicine there. I heard about the 5 or 6 year medical program available to students right after high school.

I was wondering 1) What England medical schools have this program 2) Which of those are the best and easiest to get into for international students and 3) How likely am I to get into them?

My grades are pretty good, I have A's in all the sciences and in English.

Please, please, plleeeeaassee help me! Thank you so much! :rolleyes:

09-28-2009, 12:11 AM
If you're looking at 5-6 year medical schools, it shouldn't be that difficult. It depends on if they view your classes as A-level equivalents. You may need to take an entrance exam, but this is specific for each school (e.g. UKCAT). I believe the deadline is mid-October though. The best thing to do is go to UCAS - Home (http://www.ucas.ac.uk/) and look at programs offered. You'll submit your application through this website. As far as where in England, it's really up to you. 5-6 year programmes are the standard; it wasn't until recently that they created graduate entry programmes. London, Oxbridge are probably most competitive, York and Warwick are good. I'm not an expert though. It's best to do your own research based on the geographical region you're interested and send them a mail to find out how many international students they take. Also, since Canada is in the Commonwealth, if you qualify for home tuition, then it's MUCH cheaper!

09-28-2009, 06:30 PM
thankss! Right now, I'm looking into St. George's Hospital Medical School London and Royal Free University Medical School to obtain my MBBS. St. George's is a 5 year program, and Royal Free (or UCL?) is a 6 year program. Do you know any other good medical schools in England that accept international students?

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