View Full Version : BOOK FOR SALE: 1st & 2nd Semester Books

09-09-2009, 08:56 PM
Call: 547-3219 1st SEMESTER BOOKS: BASIC HISTOLOGY text & atlas 25 CI 11th Ed. Lange With CD-ROM Recommended reading & in very good condition HIGH-YIELD HISTOLOGY 20 CI 3rd Ed. Good summary & very good condition BRS CELL BIOLOGY & HISTOLOGY 20 CI 4th Ed. Good source for practicing questions & good condition BRS GROSS ANATOMY 20 CI 3rd Ed. A must have for practicing questions!! OK condition BRS EMBRYOLOGY 20 CI 2nd Ed. A must have for practicing questions- guaranteed!!! MEDICAL EMBRYOLOGY 20 CI 10th Ed. Good book if struggling with the topic 2ND SEMESTER BOOKS: BRS PHYSIOLOGY- 2 copies: - V. Good cond. 25 CI, - OK cond. 20 CI 3rd Ed. Closely follows syllabus PLUS extra material: useful for shelf Good source for questions BRS NEUROANATOMY 20 CI 2nd Ed. Very good condtion. Useful Diagrams. Teaches neural pathways well Call: 547-3219

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