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08-22-2009, 08:44 PM
Hey guys and gals I have tried RTF and have found tons of information but there are still a few questions I have.
1.) First peoples’ hang ups about HMI (they have been nice to be but regardless I will not be taking classes from them) aside what is the general consensus about the quality of education at Silesia? Specifically how many people are fail out, make it back to the states ect.
2.) I read LONG thread on racism and want a simple answer as to incidence of violence related to racism? Allow me to frame this a little better I am biracial and from the deep south. Racial remarks make me laugh more often than not as usually those who make them have non-branching family trees, physical violence is another matter. I can take slurs are punches/ other forms of physical abuse a real issue? (I am aware that violent street crime occurs everywhere this is not what I am talking about).
3.) These next two are not as …. Scholastic/ environmental in nature but hey I am gonna be possibly living here for 4 years and most of my other questions have been answered by RTF. Are students of color able to date in this part of Poland would love to hear the good, the bad, and especially the funny stories.
4.) Finally I am 27 and while there was a time when clubbing was my thing in my old age I have started to slow down. All I hear people talking about is going to clubs how is the Bar/ pub scene and what are other more laid back forms of recreation. I know I will be studying most of the time but surely in 4 years I will find some time to ‘chill’?
Thanks to all who reply and I apologize in advance if I did not RTF close enough for these answers

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