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08-09-2009, 03:21 PM
What are the attrition rates for the Israeli American programs? One of the differences between a Caribbean MD and a US MD program is that a US program usually keeps close to 100% of its class, while a Caribbean school cannot boast of such numbers. Have any schools in Israel made this data public?

Sanjay Orlov
08-26-2009, 11:55 AM
Technion's flag ship class lost nearly 16% of its class in the first two years, the school made some changes. now fewer people fail in the subsequent years. the 2011 class lost close to 20%, but mainly due to students leaving. the 2012 class, i think had everyone get through it.
the old touro program seems to have lost 1/8 students per yr. yes, they only had 8 students!

I had heard that the caribs have a 20% + drop out rate give or take. that said, they tend to accept everyone under the sun unless you are a self described serial rapist (need to fact check that one)..

so you could say that the outcome is the same, that the better students will survive anywhere.

at the end of your 4 or 1000 yrs in medschool, you will probably be better able to defend your application coming from Israel than from a carib school.

....keep in mind though at a carib you will do your clinical rotations in the states, not just 3 months worth at the end; this could enhance your chances of scoring a good residency. i suppose.

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