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07-01-2009, 06:42 PM
Hello to everyone! Well I just received an email from admissions that states I was accepted to UNIBE, will be starting in September.Anyone starting Premed same time, message me so we can chat.Planning a trip to the DR in a few weeks to scope for an apartment, any suggestions?


07-01-2009, 10:09 PM
A. Bush are you using stafford loans? If so is it enough to cover the cost of everything?

07-05-2009, 12:34 AM
I just start my application process for January... any advice???

07-06-2009, 11:24 AM
Actually I'm most likely going to mix some loans, or just get the Parent Plus loan sponsored by the federal government. right now i am applying for a plus loan and most likely going to ask for a subsidized stafford loan. I firmly believe that getting these loans should cover your expenses just fine, you just have to coordinate according to your living style. What i did was make a list of things i need the money for, rounding up and alllowing a good range so that error is unlikely to occur.

for example:

Cost of tuition (every semester)


total 5 years ($60,000-$62,500)

cost of living (monthly)


total 5 years ($36000-$48,000)

food (monthly)

$150-$300 ($9,000-$18,000)

books (every year)


total 5 years ($5,000-$10,000)



miscalleneous per semester


total 5 years ($7,500)

total: minimum ($119,500) Maximum (148,000)


Just make sure to calculate everything, leave room for fluctuations and adjust your loan budget accordingly.

In response to doctorjay

My advice is to write a kick *** essay, get good and well written recommendations, and be in contact with the admissions department in regards to your application, when getting a birth certificate get a certified copy from whatever office of vital statistics exists in your state,the police letter of non-delinquency get it as close to the send date of your application as possible,when getting a copy of you passport make sure it is notarized and make sure you sign above the notary stamp, this means your verifying the signature and authenticating the copy,what i did that apparently made the admissions process easier was that i legalized one transcript and my highschool diploma at the dominican consulate it cost em about USD 75.00 per document. Then i asked my higihschool to send the other one through the mail,You would have to call UNIBE to make sure if you have to get the documents translated, I didn't but i think it was because i went to the consulate.

Well God bless and i hope this helps anyone who reads this

07-06-2009, 08:46 PM
Bush you are going in straight from high school right? Also, I was thinking that appartments can be found for about 100 US per month and living modest you can use only stafford loans. It should cover tuition, books, and living expenses if you don't live like a king. Also, if anyone is going with a college degree and the pre-med courses they would go into 5th semester which turns the 5 year program into a 4 year program. Which translates into less total loan amount. Any ideas? Comments?

07-07-2009, 05:42 PM

yes i am going in as a high school student, all the calculations i made were by approximation, i will make a final estimate once i travel and find the apartment and go to the grocery stores and everything lol. Oh and you were right it would be cheaper if you enter with a degree, and consequently it will also mean less time spent at UNIBE. The reason i wrote 600-800 is because i want to live in a good apartment with generator and that is closer to the school, schools farthest from the school are cheaper but you have to mix travel into the equation i want to be in walking or bicycle distance lol.

07-07-2009, 11:22 PM
Is true that you can find a place to live for $100 dolars, but believe me you won't like the area, and it will not be a safe area to live, plus it will be far from the university, and unless you bring your own car, you will need to pay for taxi around $10.00 dollars daily just to go back and for to school. Food here, in this country is not cheap, you will probably pay the same or more of what you pay in USA. And YES, you need a confortable place to live so you can survive 4 years in this country, which is a very good opportunity for whoever want to really become an MD.

07-08-2009, 02:19 AM

I agree with you 100 %, people also need to take into account the amount of time that one has to live there, personally it will be 5 years. I also heard about the power outages so an apartment with a generator is a good commodity. I want an apartment in a gated community as well, safety is key, and i heard there is like a police headquarters close to UNIBE so i guess the area is definitely a bit safer. Well hope all is well :p

07-09-2009, 11:45 PM
once you arrive, you will need to find something quick close to school, to stay for couple months. then you will look for something more confortable and safe and very important, in GOOD PRICE. A nice apartment close to school (gazcue, la esperilla, el vergel, naco) with power plant and safe will be between $650 to $900 dollars, of course, you will find other that are more expensive ($1000-$1500). the good thing is that there are lots of new buildings in town that gve you more opportunity to find better price.
I recomend you and any other prospective student, Make your life confortable and easier as possble b/c you need a lot of time and concentration to study. Good luck

07-09-2009, 11:52 PM
$650 per month???? are you crazy??? I am not sure the typical student can afford that just on loans! I am going over there to live a the life of a normal person. Not like a rich human. Look a good salary in DR is about 15K pesos(about 300+USD) and this ppl can afford an OK appartment. I've been told by friends I have over there that a really nice appartment in front of INTEC (3 min walking) or near UNIBE (by bicycle) is about 6000 pesos (100+ USD). Why would I go for something that costs as much as a US appartment/house without an income???

07-09-2009, 11:57 PM
the whole reason why i am planning to go to DR is because I can't afford it here. in the US i would have to work my *** off during medical school in a job with at least 35hr/wk. that's why am getting the he.ck out of here. In DR with the stafford loand for grad students i can live witht the 20 1/2K /yr. That would subsidize my tuition, books, rent, food, utilities, and other expenses. Again, I am thinking to live in a normal neighborhood. But again, my standards are based on a CUBAN point of view. I grew up in something similar. So trust me, taking a bike to school and living in a 1 room small apartment in a somewhat city is perfectly fine for me. Having the occassional light's down is also common to me. I've been days without power in my old habana. I had to go to school with only a bread in my stomach for the whole day and a cup of water and sugar to drink for energy.

07-10-2009, 12:08 AM
Well in that case then go for it! You seem to already have a good mind set, i suggest you follow it, like i said before adjust your loan budget the way in which it will work for you! Personally I have some help from my parents and they are helping me pay for my apartment while i stay there, the loans is going for everything else. I understand where your coming from though and i respect that, just make sure to plan everything out and play it by ear, once you arrive then you can start to truly see costs firsthand, that is why i am going before hand.

buena suerte y espero que todo te salga bien :D

07-10-2009, 12:22 AM
gracias. yo tambien pienso ir pronto. pero no voy a estudiar hasta el aņo que viene o el otro entrante. Es que quiero terminar las pre-medicas aqui que no las tengo echas todavia. es que me concentre en terminar ingenieria electrica primero y me atrase con las pre-medicas. oye que saves de INTEC y UCE? no las has investigado un poco? dicen que INTEC es mucho mejor que UNIBE en cuando al rendimiento academico de los alumnos y que tambien tiene mejores profesores. a la vez, los maestros hablan en espaņol perfectamente, porque dicen que en UNIBE no se les entiende mucho el ingles que hablan. porque supuestamente no saben mucho ingles y tienen que enseņar en ingles. que crees?

07-10-2009, 12:25 AM
Let me tell you something, if you are comming to this country to study, you will find out by yourself. Don't listen to your INTEC friend, don't listen to me neither. I been here long time already, I'm actually finishing in 2 quatrimesters, and the cheaper you will be able to find close to school is around $400 usd, and you will tell me later on if you find it comfortable enough. Yes is true that Dominicans here pay about $100 usd x month, but you don't have an idea the area your talking about. Also, let me tell you that if in your plans are not to become news in this country, you willbe smart enough not to ride a bike or motorcycle in this city or anywhere in DR. to your friend, the one that tall you about the cheap appartment close to INTEC, let me tell you that the area is call Los rios and is about 20 minutes in car from UNIBE, and about $10 to $15 usd both ways in taxi. In the public car, will be a lot cheaper, around 20 pesos in the route, meaning that you will probably need to take about 2 or 3 public cars to arrive at your destination, oh before I forget, in the public car ( Toyota corolla 84 or close) there will be around 6 passengers in the back seat and 3 or 4 in front seat. And I'm sure you haven't see how they drive in this country. My advice, bring your own car under the temporal permit law which allow you to bring your car with the USALICENSE PLATE and that way you will have a safe way to transport yourself. And yes, finantial AID give you around $20000 usd to live per calendar year, you can borrow up to $25000 usd but I believe it will change upto $32000 usd if you askfor the graduate plus loans, which is more than enough to live confortable here and in the USA. Hope that my time here help you.

07-10-2009, 12:37 AM
isn't the graduate plus loan dependent on credit? I don't have any!! Also, about the transportation, i am reading it and i am laughing. Not in a bad sense. but i've been through a lot worse. I grew up in cuba. the newest cars we had around were 1940s or 50s dodge, ford, chevrolet that had dual carburators. one for when gasoline was available and the other for when gas was not and we had to use KEROSENE(cooking oil) to get around. This cars burned white smoke when using kerosene. And yes i've been inside them with a bunch off ppl in them too. It's funny cuz as i read your notes, i remember a lot. Also, quite honestly, i prefer to live "in the hood" with the ppl and interact with them in the "real DR". Living in a gated community with security and other perks is not really my idea. i want to be able to ask a neighbor for sugar to make coffee and give them some when am done and so forth. Get the picture?? I know it sounds crazy. I have it all in here, and i am willing to trade all the comodities for a life very similar to what i had in cuba. Although in cuba i had much much less. I've spoken to ppl in the DR and they can't believe how it was for me in cuba. however, i would like to know more about the loans that don't depend on credit, their max loan disbursments and how the schools go about returning the unused money to the students. I go to florida international university and i get bright futures scholarships that cover everything, on top of that the money left over, is directly deposited to my account. i hope that it's not a big hassle to get the money back over there. that's probably the only thing i am afraid of from DR. I know in cuba any paperwork is like swimming across niagara falls.

07-10-2009, 01:06 AM
bueno en una nota personal yo verdaderamente quiero aprender en Ingles. Yo tambien e escuchado que algunos maestros en UNIBE tambien enseņan en UCE y INTEC. Tambien tienes que entender que el programa en espaņol de UNIBE es uno de los mejores del pais. Tambien el curriculo dentro de unibe ha sido mejorado en los ultimos aņos. Yo personalmente aprendo mejor en ingles independientemente si el maestro habla o no habla el idioma bien. Y si tengo alguna pregunta y no me comprende el professor entonces le pregunto en espaņol jaja. Pienso que de esta manera estuviese aprendiendo bilinguemente. Y otra cosa es que Unibe tiene cooperacion con hospitales y centros clinicos en todas partes de EEUU, al igual con otras partes de latinoamerica.Cuando estaba en clase de medical assistant aqui en Miami mi professor fue a unibe y me dijo que el programa en ingles y espaņol son buenos. Pero al fin del dia todo cuenta con que yo ponga de mi parte, y yo voy para sobresalir, y se que la escuela de medicina de UNIBE gradua muchos estudiantes y doctores buenos!! Igualmente era la escuela que mas me llamo la attencion. Otra razon fue porque me gustaron mucho mas las installaciones que tienen en UNIBE mucho mas modernas!!

my 2 cents lol, been a while since i wrote an entire message in spanish lol!

07-10-2009, 01:17 AM
lol. i think we better change to english before we get slaughtered by the webmaster. i appreciate your words. by looking at the big picture I also would prefer UNIBE. i only had two fears. 1) bad teaching, which i guess it's just a rumor and nothing concrete. and 2) the fact that it is indeed more expensive than others and i only think that i qualify for the stafford loans which give 20,500. and i have to make sure it lasts for an entire year as for i will have no other source of income. although my parents could help me, they are stubborn and don't want me to go to med school. i am doing this on my own. i have no credit, so i think i can't apply for any other loan that's not credit based. Does anyone know anything about any other loans that will lend money w/o credit? Thanks by the way Bush.

07-10-2009, 01:19 AM
Nock yourself out, I send you a private message already. I also live that part of my old Cuba but you have to see by your own eyes. In this country people are more violent and agressive than in Cuba. They probably don't have a cell phone, but rest asure they have a gun in their belt or pocket, in front the police or not and they don't hesitate in pulling out and place it in your face. Remember i'm not trying to scare you , I just want for you to be real and to be safe, this is not Cuba brother, I see it every night at my hospital ( Hospital Salvador B. Gautier) young and elderly arriving injure or death just b/c someone one their phone, or their gun, or b/c you didn't allow them to pass in the traffic or any reason they want to. Yes, try to live with then in their barrios, and let see how is everything for you. Keep thinking this is Cuba and you are going for a big surprise. For me you are a person that want to pursuit the dream to become doctor and that is excellent, just be safe, this is a new terrain for most of you and you want to be able to make it.

07-10-2009, 08:35 PM
pa' que sepan.

07-13-2009, 12:21 PM
I always thought cuba was WAY unsafer than Dominican Republic...

04-23-2010, 05:23 PM
No creo..........

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