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06-24-2009, 02:12 PM
I am a prospective student for the UQ MBBS program 2010 intake. Though I have yet to accept my offer, I was wondering if I can clear out some questions regarding internships for the P4 priority group. It is my understanding that securing an internship spot is becoming increasingly difficult for the international students from UQ.

I have yet to find any hard-facts concerning P4 students applying for internships. I e-mailed the School of Medicine and the reply is as follows:

"The allocation of graduates to the intern places are coordinated by an online system across the state. Last years applications exceeded the number of available places by about 300, this year so far about 700 applications have been received (for approx. 550 places), thus exceeding again.

Qld Health is very positive about the possibility of our P5ís (International students) receiving Qld intern places, so they are encouraging everyone to apply. Qld Health recognises the quality education UQ students receive.
Our understanding is the P1ís will receive their offers and Qld Health will fill so many places, then P2 through P8 students will preference again based on where the places left exist.
Then P2 through P8 applications are merit based, therefore although hospitals are required to review P2 & P3 before moving onto P4 through P8, they may not necessarily fill their places with P2 & P3ís, for example: Say hospital X has 6 places left after the P1 ballot, they are required to view P2 & P3 applications, however if the hospital sets an academic standard in which they will only accept applications that meet that standard or above then they may only fill say 2 places, which means that 4 places will still exist and the hospital is free to start reviewing applications in the P4 through P8 range. This means that international graduates from UQ may have a good chance due to the academic standard/reputation of UQ."

Are there any statistics/numbers regarding how many P4's applied and were not able to secure an internship? Also, speculating for the 2014/2015 internship spots, if our cohort consists of 500 students for only 500-600 spots (extrapolating numbers, of course) in QLD, what are the chances of an international student securing an internship?
In addition to that, what are the chances of QLD Health increasing internship spots? And gathering from the above response, what do the excess 300 students do?


06-24-2009, 02:17 PM
Oh, one more thing. Does anybody know of anyone to contact at Queensland Health regarding this? Everywhere I e-mail, they ask me to contact QLD health but I have yet to see an e-mail address on their website.


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