View Full Version : the MOST reliable car, don't end up paying thousands in repairs TOYOTA WINDOM!!!!!!!

06-11-2009, 11:59 PM
1996 V6 Toyota Windom Lexter 2.6

Equivalent to the Lexus ES series in USA.

Fully stocked with all 4 new tires, battery, SONY XPLOD deck, great sound system, clean, freshly painted outside, new brake pads, oil change. it is ready to GO. maintained properly.

the best party is the previous owner is the owner of Sony's Auto.

He maintained the car 100% obviously and fixed any and all problems as soon as they occured, IF it occured.

insurance will be between 400-500 CID max. (if above 21 y.o)

67,000 km is ONLY 42,000 miles WOW!!! nothing

MUST SEE THIS CAR, it is immaculate and maintained soooo well. It is registered and inspected until Sept 09.

Asking price: 4700 CID obo

email me for pics: [email protected]

[email protected] // 517-8056 (( email or call, do NOT PM ))

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