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05-30-2009, 02:58 PM
:doh: Last year, there was what could be described as a verbal firestorm regarding the Technion American program. Students were upset about a number of issues. Some of which to the school's credit were in fact resolved...rapidly (kudos)

Sadly, once again, incompetence, or perhaps sheer chutzpa has reared its ugly head. With the 2010 graduating class in fury to organize their clerkships abroad, the school has done little to facilitate such matters in an organized fashion.

First off, the school never provided formal mentoring or clinical advising to students so as to prepare them in their choice of clerkships abroad.

Second, with a mandatory thesis requirement being pushed upon everyone, students have found the need to neglect their own interests in lieu of pumping out paper work. This, as a result of a threat of not graduating should they not complete the thesis.

Now, come spring, 2009, students are frantically trying to put together their applications for clerkships. What did they find? that the so called American clinical connections/affiliations that the school had were dead, or perhaps never existed in the first place. These were a key factor in many students' decisions to attend the Technion program over many other schools.

In addition to these matters, with the program operating on a skeleton crew, paper work that has serious deadlines to be reached is simply not being processed efficiently enough. That is not to say that anyone has yet been denied a clerkship due to this. But, surely, there should be a system in place that does not require a week or more to sign documents. There are just not enough staff members dedicated to individual tasks. As a result, full time hospital-clinical faculty do their best to balance a busy work week with patients and students' paperwork.

Many American hospitals/schools require students to have completed their cores by the time of application. sadly, due to the calendar in place at the Technion program, students will not complete their core rotations until the end of august- meaning, that a number of students interested in Pediatrics, Psych, and Neurology rotations may be barred from attenting such rotations since they have not completed or received grades for such coursework until after applying to the match! Yes, if students wish to apply to the match on time they may be applying ot ERAS without all of their core rotation grades.

When confronted about the timeline for the program, the school admins state that in Israel it would not be possible to start according to the American time table. When informed that the other two American programs in Israel do in fact follow such a time table- the admins react with skepticism.

Hopefully, in time these matters can be resolved to help the students...we have our fingers crossed.

Sanjay Orlov
06-02-2009, 09:04 AM
i heard the school is establishing new ties with other schools. no details yet. stay tuned. as for us rotations and advising...a good chunk of the class, say 8 students or so have yet to take the step 1, and it is already june.

shelf exams would have been nice :-)

08-27-2009, 12:32 PM
were they able to get US clerkships? what US schools have they gotten them from?

08-31-2009, 10:43 AM
I suggest contacting the Technion's program and asking for a list of students from the 2010 class and asking those students directly. I am not comfortable giving out information that many students in this program consider private information.

One can only rotate at a few hospitals given then 12 week window afforded by the ECFMG/LCME..or AMA...whoever makes that decision. That said, as medstudents we will still apply to many hospitals for residency, where we did not rotate at.

At this time, wait a few months to see how the 2010 class performs for resiency placement..afterall, that is more meaningful than where they did their rotations.

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