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05-14-2004, 01:15 PM
go to main medical school forum and got to top ten errors made by med students or something like it.....look for the postings by liveten18.....correspondense with california medical board published......really hot!!!

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12-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Pat Parks Response to IMG X-Files Letter:

None of the 7 schools you mentioned is recognized by the Medical Board of California. IUHS, St. Luke's (Liberia) and Windsor are known to operate "distance learning" programs, which are prohibited by California law. Therefore, these schools would not be eligible for recognition in California if they chose to apply.

St. Matthew's is the only one of the 7 schools that has applied for recognition in California. Our Board conducted a site inspection to St. Matthew's this summer. The inspection report should be issued soon. We're not sure when a decision will be made on the school's status. Yes, the California Board granted recognition to Saba University, effective for coursework that began on or after 1/1/02.

As you've probably heard me say repeatedly, no Californian or California-bound individuals should enroll in an unrecognized or disapproved medical school.

Pat Park, Foreign Schools Liaison, Medical Board of California

Dear Ms. Park !
Hello, My name is XXXX, I am a radiologist, practicing in Ontario, Canada, was wondering about the status in CA of several offshore medical schools.
In CA wesbites few are unapproved, was wondering about the following that are not listed:

2. Hope University
3. Windsor University
4. St. Matthews U.
5. St. Martinus U.
6. St. Luke U.
7. All Saints U.

Some of the latter are considered good (US/Canada Standards), yet some are seriously deficient......
I was informed that SABA was recently approved in CA, is that correct ?

Please Advise

Best Regards,

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