View Full Version : how do you study these step3 antibotics ?

04-24-2009, 10:11 PM
Do you folks use any extra trick or strategy to help you memorize what antibiotics to use when ?

I don't remember antibiotics being much of a problem for steps 1 or 2.
But while studying usmleworld for the step3 they seem to me to hang so fary away from the clues. Or they avoid being too obvious to the point of being too hard. Its becoming like a hazy fog of two things that begins with the letter "c" vs two things that beings with the letter "a".

I understand that this exam is really for people who have done at least a year of residency. So for them, the day in, day out working with these drugs help alot for recalling them on the exam.
Unfortunately I didn't match so I am taking the step3 to hopefully help me get a residency.

Especially challenging is memorizing what secondl line, third line, other alternative drug to use. Plus they also sometimes hide a symptom inside the history then leaving it up to you to realize its a drug side effect and not from the initiating disease.

I feel like I'm spending half my limited time studying antibiotics when I know infectious diseases won't be half of the actual exam.

How do you guys do it ?

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