View Full Version : Any iuhs students here???

01-13-2009, 07:37 AM
i was wondering, are they're any IUHS students in this forum?

03-29-2010, 08:29 AM
please this is for all who are concerned about their future and who has a dream to become a good doctor.............. do not ever even dream of joining IUHS OR UEIMS..they both are scamsss great SCAMS come up into destroy the future of aspiring young generations and also to put the life of people at risk... ueims started by a fraud named sudhir gopi has been torturing students and robbing out of their future and destroying students career and life... the students who have passed out are still not able to get licence from medical council of india and its almost 3 years since they passed out... case is goin on in court for few years and its nearly 3-4 years since the chairman sudhirgopi has appeared before students and parents..he is hiding some where in dubai or kerala and one mr praveen is playing double game and he is also a part of this scam.. ueims promised a meeting in india with alls tudents and parents and now they tell that they are goin to keep meeting in dubai..this is the way they do to escape the questions of students and parents... i really tell u...those who are already in please try to get out...join some good college...here money doesnt matter only future matters..all passed out students are hiding and working....also the knowledge level of students are poor when compared to a traditional college student.... so dont join iuhs ......or ueims...iuhs has not yet issued the final certificate for the passed out students....hav u ever heard of getting a degree through courier to ur house when in other places they have a graduation ceremony... please ther are lots and lots to tell about ueims and iuhs...but only drawbacks to tell not even a single good thing.... so please dont join.....ueims..its a big scam..they will mislead by showing photographs and also website says many lectures anf good facility...i have never seen such a thing....

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