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04-25-2004, 07:01 AM
but he will never forget his old ways...

So jen jen lets say that they are gone and they have nothing more to do with this school. So what are you gone do have rawlins teach all. from micro to immuno to neuro and path and behevioral and etc etc etc? They have no teachers, no facilities no infrastruicture to support this kind of operation and as always no straight bussines minded person would buy a school with that reputation bc there is too much mistrust build amongst us exstudents.

WORD OF ADVICE choose another school do your self this favour.

People like gennosa that are woried about giving away too much about their nickname id are shady just th character to be associated with IUHS..

Anyways do as you wish but remebr you were warned darling. i thought you were british why dont you go attend some school there or go to the other schools in carabeian like saba, auc, ross, mua ,st eustatia

maximillian genossa
04-26-2004, 09:52 AM
Since you do not know me at all. I am just more civilized and strategic than you are. You are very predictable and you don't seem to have any other strategy other than recurr to personal attacks, like calling me a shady IUHS associate. Bad news, I am not. You seem to let your emotions take over, and that will determine your fate. Good luck, you will need it.

P.S. I am not British, I am Corsican. Thats the clue I will leave you.

04-26-2004, 10:09 AM
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ex iuhs you must admit that genosa is tactically accurate- he is the only one whom i have heard sucessfully negotiated with iuhs

04-26-2004, 07:27 PM
first genosa i did not mean to slander you personally since i do not know who you are but your post is still very shady. You mean to tell me that ****** and Neame gone this will ever amount to anything. Do not try to make IUHS look good bc they are not. I dont care if they change owners
names or even field that they go into. There is no way that you can have a med school in that tiny house and no labs and no library and no resources and no teachers and should i keep going ok more and no system and no hours etc. I personally Have nothing with you as long as you dont even make the sligtest attempt to make iuhs sound as a reasonable and ok school. As far as lawsuit you give it 2 more months as i am but a resident now and have not much time but time will come.

Jen Jen i hope all is well and glad you are staying away from iuhs. Do not go there. I never meant to negotiate with IUHS. My goal is not to get my money back. My goal is to have them shut down and belive me i am well on that way. Shut down i dont mean that they will close their doors but when a student calls a state board and mentions iuhs response they will get will be NO WAY LICENSURE :arrow: then no stduents and then no iuhs and no more ELP. beep beep beep

damn i hate call
later guys

maximillian genossa
04-28-2004, 09:35 AM
You, yourself identify as ex-iuhs student. So? I am one too. Do you reveal your real name? No. Neither do I. That makes both od us SHADY, like you say.

I can express my opinion freely, that is what America is all about, even if it sounds like me trying to make look IUHS good. So if you will be so kind, remove your threat that you "personally Have nothing with against me as long as I dont even make the sligtest attempt to make iuhs sound as a reasonable and ok school. " As far as I am concerned that is a personal threat, and I recommend you to back off. I have not used the same tone with you. The fact that I view things a little bit differet, have no bitterness or grudges and you do, it's not my problem.Simply don't threaten me. It seems you do have a problem with that. Anything you say about me you better back it up with facts, not legal fiction. Tell me, you want to blindly attack me with no facts about me, just the facts that your imagination can provide about me?.

Now that you talk about lawsuits and stuff like that, let me ask you a few questions...Did you finnished your basic sciences with IUHS? Did you used a transcript to transfer to another school and benefitted from it? Let me make you aware NO COURT in the U.S.A. will assume jurisdiction on your case(I already tried that, it did not worked) So good luck on that one. If you really file a case, it will become public document and I will find out, don't worry how, just trust me, I will. That way I will be able to analyze your foundamental complaints, legal precedents, jurisdictional issues, statutory of limitations,etc. and then I will be able to see what your real chances are.

By the way, let give some free advice, a class action lawsuit is not necessary to gain an injunction against IUHS to stop conduct business in the United States. You just need to file a complaint State by State, Board by Board, and sometimes get the Attorney General of each state involved to succesfully gain an injucntion(court order ordering them to stop an activity). This one is on the house.

Good luck, you need it.

04-28-2004, 07:18 PM
dman man talk about being all in flames....

Ok lets take it one by one

No i did not finish basic sciences there

no it is not a personal threat. I do not care about you or anyone but just as you say i live also in america and have freedom of speech so i will say all i want about iuhs

And what matters most is are you a lawyer and if youa re then let me get rid of mine and hire you......LOL

i say it again i have a problem with people that try to say things that are not true laters man got to go

04-28-2004, 07:38 PM
Posters on this thread should be aware that a few remarks here are already under review for a couple of potential violations of terms of use; specifically, insults and more importantly, potential threatening remarks. Both these are against terms of use. It should be noted that if the moderators and administration decide something is interpreted as theatening violence in any way, this isnt just a violation of use of this forum but can result in criminal investigation. That is an extremely serious situation and if better ethics or judgement doesnt stop a user from engaging in such behavior, the threat of criminal action and its consequences (personally and professionally) certainly should. Unfortunately this wouldn't the first time VMD has had to deal with threats to a user. I advise the individuals who have participated in this thread to consider this before continuing with their hostilities.

04-30-2004, 12:35 PM
your post

[the fears of gennosa just like anyone that i know that did basic sciences at IUHS is that when time comes for licensure and they require all kinds of papers from the school itself then there will be no more IUHS to send the transcripts......... I understand your fear but i am also sorry that IUHS wont be there. The post above sounds a lot like N.F just like one of his posts in a chiropractors forum, I am not saying you are him but you sound pretty close to him.....

PS i think that the way you say you are corsican is intimidating me so i think that you own me an apology :lol:

maximillian genossa
05-02-2004, 11:37 AM
I don't need to apologize for stating my nationality. What is the problem in being from Corsica? Do you know? I don't know of any. Or is it that if you are from Sicilia, Israel or Corsica you need to apologize all the time. It's not our fault. So no apologies owed.

The post you quoted, expressed my opinions under a bad moment. But one thing I made clear, I do not like educational bigotry, regardless the school. Like I said, There are many fine U.S. STUDENTS studying abroad making a lot of sacrifices. That I came across too harsh, yes, I did, under a bad moment and for that I do apologize for the insults, not for the principle of fighting discrimination.

Your comparison with ****** in amusing, but I am not him. I never met him, never got along with him,but never expressed my opinions towards him. He was just another pissed off professor. I do remember one profesor that was expelled for using the classroom as a pulpit. When he was hired I was on my way out of IUHS. Many sutdents told me via e-mail about his preachings in the classroom etc. Since I never took classes with him I cannot state an opinion on him. I wish him luck nevertheless.

I put IUHS behind me long time ago. I learned from it. I did my basic sciences on site, not ELP, so no problems when I got out. I see potential in them if they put their act together. Will they do so? I don't know.

No fears. I am just objective, and try to see the bright side of things. If you don't fine. That's you.

I will not reply to any other post of yours. You want to discuss with facts feel free to send a personal message. No facts, no reply.

Thanks for your understanding.

05-02-2004, 04:47 PM
What a ridiculous thread!


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