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12-12-2008, 10:55 AM
hi,i am foreign graduate, i did step 2 CS exam since 5 weeks, i am afraid about the communication skills part, let me tell you the things that i did and things that i did not do :
i knocked the door , great the pateint, introduce myself, eye contact , asked open questions at the begining, used appropriate transition sentences, washed my hands, asked permission to do physical exams, helped the pateints to untie their gown, do appropriate closure and asked if they want to ask anything.
now the things that i forget to do:
1-did not drap 6 pateints , i drapped only those who need abdominal exams.
2- did not counsel 3 cases .
3- answered one challenge question wrong.
please, am i going to fail in communication skills part????
please , those who passed the exam please replay to my post.
i wish to myself and all of you the best

12-29-2008, 06:30 PM
You should be fine provided that is all you missed. Look, worrying about it is not going to change what you did on the exam day. I took my CS in Chicago and missed a few things here and there as well but some things like the closing statement and the way you examine them has to be done and I made sure I remembered to do. You will find out the outcome of the exam soon anyway, so in the meantime you should practice all the different scenarios on somebody and and basically master your way of going through the whole thing within the alloted time. It is a very basic and simple exam. Communication with the patients should be easy as well as you are not discussing anything else but just their current problem and their medical historywith them. Do not be nervous, stay calm, smile and go in there with confidence. The rest is just going through the motions. I pray that you pass. If you do that's great, if you don't then do notlose hope.

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