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12-10-2008, 02:15 AM
how can factor v be activated into the active factor v?
and what is the effect of adrenaline on factor v activity? and how does adrenaline carry out this effect?

i'll be so grateful to anyone who could answer my questions

modern day Hero
12-10-2008, 08:29 PM
i'm not sure but i'll throw something out there

"adrenaline" is an acute rise in catecholamines, right ?

catecholamines = vasoconstriction & tachycardia <-- wpuldn't that combination increase turbulance inside vessels (HTN) thus risking endothelial cell damage? Endothelial cells would recruit clotting factors to repair the damaged vessels in which factor v is also used up.

thats the closest link i know hopefully somebody has a better one.

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