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11-11-2008, 10:30 PM
I'm finally moving off the island and a lot of things for sale.
Kitchen: plastic serving utensils, assorted flatware, lexane plates, bowels & cups, pint glasses, glass measuring cup, wine glasses, pots & pans, bakeware, coffee press, desk lamp, 220 surge protectors, plastic food storage container of all sizes, etc!

If there is something you need for next term, PM & make an offer! If I don't have it, I probably know someone who is selling it.

I am also selling my HP 15 inch flat panal computer monitor. This is a great monitor. I'm selling it for $600EC OBO (new one in GND will cost at least $950EC).

There is also the HP 7350 photosmart printer. I love this printer and hate to sell it, but can't really afford to ship it back home. It is an older model, but one of the best HP has made. It take HP 56 or 58 along with HP 57 cartridges. I'll include any left over cartridges I have. It has slots for memory cards so you can print pics directly from the card. Asking price is $350EC OBO.

HP Scanjet 3970. This is a good scanner and great when you need to sign documents & send them back home or if you type your notes, you can easily add figures into them. Asking price is $150EC OBO

The monitor, printer, & scanner are all dual voltage--they can be used with 110 or 220V. They will be available to be purchased starting Dec 11 in the evening. PM if interested & we can set up a time after Dec 11 for you to pay & pick them up. I'm on the island until Dec 17th.

I also have a travel iron that is dual voltage (110 & 220V). Make an offer.

I also have a very nice rubbermaid actionpacker tote that I had sent down with amerijet with stuff. It is heavy duty, has a hinged lid, and is able to be locked (lock not included). It also claims to be water tight, but I have not tested it, so can't comment if it actually is. It would be perfect for on campus storage. PM for price if interested.

If you need binders now or for next term, I have several of varying sizes. Just PM to let me know what size & an offer.

I also have 1GB of desktop RAM available. PM for the specs & price. There is also a power supply and video card for desktop computers as well. I have a computer desk I"m selling for a good price. Perfect for a desktop computer.

Like I said earlier, if there is something you need for next term & it is not on my list, PM me about it. I either have it & forgot to list it or know someone who will have it. If you would like to see pics of anything PM with your email address & I'll send them to you.

11-17-2008, 09:16 PM
Still have lots of items left!!

11-21-2008, 02:08 PM
I accept PayPal if you need to use a credit card! (must have a verified account or you will need to add $20US to the price---it doesn't take that long to get it verified). Verified PayPal accounts will need to add $5US for fees.

04-15-2009, 11:36 AM
I can't PM you. Just signed on to value md. I am interested in a variety of things. Baking stuff, fans, transformers, and the storage stuff that you mentioned.

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