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10-11-2008, 05:52 AM
dear med 1's.... when i was a med 1 i posted on how much DPS is a waste of time and they dont have a class like that in US medical schools. well..... after some more experience i would like to inform u guys not to downplay dps so much. yes there r many lectures that r worthless, such as epidemiology, insurance, statistics. whatever these r good in theory but they teach them so horribly that they r pointless. but the lectures u should 100% b paying attention to and really work towards are 1. ur abdomen exams --- this can and will help big time for anatomy shelf, i remember a question on the shelf relating to costovertebral tenderness and perhaps an organ. well there is an exact dps slide that tells u the answer and perhaps it sits amongst the 100's of pgs of moore as well but ur more likely to retain it from dps. the neuro part is great for learning ur cranial nerves ahead of time before u get to head and neck. finally the thorax exams also help u on the shelf somewhat. Lastly, the biggest contributor i feel DPS will have on ur future studies is ur vitamin lecture. when it comes to biochem, vitamins r huge and by already knowing symptoms that much vitamin deficiencies puts u one step ahead of the game.

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