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08-11-2008, 08:21 AM

I recently found out I passed my Step 2 CS on the first try. YAY! I am so relieved. I seriously thought I failed it. I made so SO many mistakes. Probably 1 mistake in each room, at least! I forgot to wash my hands twice. Forgot to drape one time (but then I corrected myself). I forgot to council a lot and I always walked out of the room with time to spare and then would go "Doh!" and realized I forgot a major thing. Like the entire Neuro exam for instance.

I studied for 4 days with a partner and we reviewed FA front to back (1 time). It was good to get a routine and practice the timing. We did the exam in Chicago. Test center was fine. Food was fine. People were nice. Overall, good experience. On the day of the exam, I typed the notes because I heard that if they can't read your writing, they will fail you, even if you have nice writing. You don't have much room with the typed notes, but it's enough to get the point across. My friend and I had the same patients on the same day and we diagnosed at least half of them differently (and we both passed). So I dont' think diagnosing is the most important thing, as long as it makes some sense and you have a good plan.

Make sure to smile and be sure not to fall for the traps. If they cough, hand them a tissue. Dont' wait for them to ask for one (or hand them water). Make sure to ask "Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?" at the end of the history. Make sure to ask permission to examine, ask permission to open their gown, etc. I foudn the patients to be a bit difficult sometimes, (getting a history was like pulling teeth and it gets frustrating) but you just go with it. I did not feel good about the exam after I left but thankfully, I passed ...Just know that you will definitely forget something in every room. It's impossible to remember everything (especially with a timer). Hang in there. If I can do it, anyone can.

Feel free to ask questions! Good luck!

08-11-2008, 09:51 PM
Congratulations!!!!! I have my exam coming up next week so reading your thread totally was encouraging :D
When you typed the note and didn't have much room, what exactly do you mean? I mean, do you remember how many characters they allow by any chance? I've been trying to find out but no luck so far!

Congrats again!!!

08-12-2008, 05:18 AM
Congratulations!!!!! I have my exam coming up next week so reading your thread totally was encouraging :D
When you typed the note and didn't have much room, what exactly do you mean? I mean, do you remember how many characters they allow by any chance? I've been trying to find out but no luck so far!

Congrats again!!!

Thanks for the congrats. About the note: there's no way to know how much room they give you. It's a page in total, I think. There's a little scale at the bottom of the page when you are typing that lets you know how much room you have left..It doesn't feel like much room because I was having to delete a lot of stuff to make room for other stuff. I never once included the vitals in my note because it took up too much room. It's definitely a pain in the butt, but I still recommend typing. And you can use some abbreviations too. Like:

CC: Chest pain
HPI: Patient c/o chest pain for 3 days which radiates to the back, 9/10 in intensity, blah blah blah. ROS is grossly negative.

That kind of thing...Hope that helps. Let me knwo if you have anymore questions.


08-12-2008, 06:42 AM
For all those interested in how many characters they use while typing a patient note for the step 2 cs, usmle.org actually has the program they use at the test centers on the website that you can practice writing a patient note with. They also have sample notes you can review to get a feel of what they are looking for and the different formats in which to write them. Hope this helps.


08-21-2008, 07:53 PM
hi all....first of all i would like to thank everyone in this forum...it was a big help to me in my cs prep....i passed cs inspite of so many blunders...i was dead sure that i'll fail...to begin i forgot to knock on the very 1st case...
then in my 2nd case i forgot to drape...and the pt had to remind me that and after that she was really pissed off wid me...i also could not understand the accent in 1 pt and i had to ask him to repeat twice....still couldnt get him...so i said sorry for not being able to understand...2-3 patients told me that i asked them a ques earlier too..so i repeated ques unknowingly...i forgot to ask a coughing pt any water or tissue(big time blinder!!)..i used otoscope without the speculum:)...these r the major ones...rest i forgot to do this n that in every case
this is wat i always did...knocked and draped(except for 1),introduced myself,addressed pt wid name,used transition sentences,asked permission before examining every thing,washed hands,warmed hands before examination,always asked "i hope my hands r not cold"...i dont know why but i think that helped:) ,helped pt get off the bed or lie down,asked them abt their job while washing hands,asked if they had any ques,used layman terms and explained medical terms,counselled for smoking and alcohol,
believe me guys if i can do it everyone can...dont take this exam lightly...its not that easy...many of my frds who did very well have failed ...the trick is just be CONFIDENT...i messed up coz i was nervous in 1st few cases...but alls well that ends well..
i read first aid 3 times...and UW 1 time as a backup...i think FA is sufficient.but practice really hard...u should be well versed with ur lines...
its nothing more than acting!!i practised whole FA 2 times with a partner and 1 time just myself...so sharpen ur acting skills and u can do it...and all those waiting for their results...dont panic..
all said n done i think most people cant help feel terrible after the exam...but thats natural...remember chances r that u will pass...coz the pass rate is 85%...so its not bad
so good luck to all...and thankyou god so much...this wouldnt hav been possible without You..

08-22-2008, 09:13 AM
Hi Aditi.... Congrats first of all, you must be so happy knowing that despite small silly mistakes you passed!! That's excellent!!!!
Did you make small mistakes like forgetting to ask questions that should've been asked in pt rooms? Now that the anxiety of taking the test is over I'm recalling many small questions that I should have asked the patient but forgot! And a few physical exam aspects that I should have done too..

Did you forget anything like that also? I'm hoping that I pass too!!! How many wks did it take for your result to get in?

08-26-2008, 07:40 PM
ya ofcourse...i made lots and lots of silly mistakes....forgot to check reflexes in one case where it was really important...forgot to ask so many relevant questions here and there....this happens to everyone...almost everyone to whom i talked to had this feeling of missing things in every case...so i dont think one should worry about that....result date can be checked from ecfmg site...if u gave the exam after 5 july ....result is expected on 8 oct i think...for exact dates plzz see the ecfmg site...best of luck

09-05-2008, 10:21 PM
congratulations to you all!!!
To Pedsbean: could you tell me how you got a cup of water to the patient? is there a water cooler around and you had to take the water yourself?
To Adit000: Are you a native English speaker? I am not one. How did you just deal with the unknown accent? Do I need to practice with loads of native English speakers?

09-06-2008, 03:02 AM
hi tepudyoo....english is not my first language....but i guess i didnt hav any problems as such with the accents,.....moreover in CS the SP's are trained for all kind of accents....and they dont evaluate ur accents....they evaluate ur english proficiency...still i would suggest speak a lot in english 10-15 days before ur exam....it takes the excees load off....also to eliminate any accent problems speak slowly n clearly....that helps....i did not as such practice with native english speakers but i guess thats not a bad idea....from what i hav heard is that the exam evaluators usually dont take in account ur accent....they know its not our 1st language...so dont worry abt that....good luck!!!

10-02-2008, 10:08 PM
congrats on passing!!

wanted to mention that the usmle template online (the thing you can type into) is NOT accurate with regard to the amount of space. not even close. the amount of space on the actual exam is alot less, whereas online its more than you would need.

just wanted to give people the 411.


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