View Full Version : German Applying for RMO positions

08-06-2008, 04:28 PM
Hi everyone,

My girlfriend is german and will be graduating in medicine in germany at the end of this year. She would like to move to Australia with me and continue her career there. As germans have a final clinical intern year in their course, I think she needs to apply for RMO position and look for accreditation as that?

Has anyone else done similar to this that can help us with how to go about this? From what I understand she needs to:

1. Sit AMC exams
2. Sit English proficiency exams or such
3. Be offered a position

Is this roughly how they go about it? Or will she need to do the Aussie 'internship year' first? Thanks in advance for your help! And please... we don't need any 'how hopeless it is to get placement' advice, its the same for every country :bored:


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