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AUA is currently seeking approval with the California Medical Board (CMB) / going through the approval process. "Not Disapproved" would be a comparison with other off-shore schools which have sought CMB approval unsuccessfully: UHSA, St. Matt...etc.

As far as CMB's approval being grandfathered back in time...that's entirely up to CMB. There are only two CMB reports that I have seen on their website:

1) Approval for Saba (http://www.medbd.ca.gov/applicant/site_visits_saba.pdf) and 2) Disapproval for St. Matthews (http://www.medbd.ca.gov/applicant/site_visits_matthews.pdf) (am I the only one that finds it strange that the approval report is 9 pages long while the disapproval report is 31 pages long?)

Saba was approved in 2005 with the approval being grandfathered back to 2002. To figure out why that date was chosen you need to read through the Saba report. From what I remember CMB was concerned with administrative instability prior to 2002 at Saba which at least partially lead to this date being chosen.

In 2006 CMB created the "Self-Assessment Report" as the first step for any off-shore school sekking approval. So now that CMB changed their approval process and have not yet published any of the results either approving or disapproving med schools, its pretty much impossible to predict how CMB will act in the future.

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There are 3 possible catagories for a medical school from my reading of the California Medcial Act. A school can be an 'Approved' school, a 'Disapproved' school or neither.

The positive reading is that AUA is not a 'Disapproved' school. The negative is that it is not on the 'Approved' list. AUA is 'Neither'.

The California Medical Act permits an appeal to the California Supreme Court in the event that an applicant for licensing is rejected. The applicant would have to show equivelence of education and training with other applicants who were granted licences ( a costly and onerous process admittedly, but not impossible, in my humble opinion ).

Of course, once AUA jumps through the CMB hoops and becomes 'Approved', the process becomes much simpler (I am an optimist, or I would not be starting medical school at my time of life!!).

Hope this helps.

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ok, so If I join now, and AUA gets approved after i graduate, will I be able to gain liscensure in california?

I already addressed this issue in my post above: "grandfathering" of approval.

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If AUA receives approval after you graduate, there really is no way to know what CMB will do. You may be grandfathered in, you may not.

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(am I the only one that finds it strange that the approval report is 9 pages long while the disapproval report is 31 pages long?)

If you do everything right, there isn't much to write up on your evaluation...thus the 9 pages at Saba.

When I did corporate evaluations, if the person / dept was compliant on the big things, I tended not to drill down too deeply and I just critiqued small discrepancies. However, if the person / dept was non-compliant on the big things, they were likely going to be non-compliant on the little things as well. As such, I'd dig alot deeper and annotate everything as supporting evidence for why I nailed them on the big things. Thus, the longer report. The Standardization and Evaluations motto was, "When in Doubt, Take 'em Out". After reading the after-action report on their site visit, that's what apparently happened to SMU.

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